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Harvest of an empire

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  • Pages 3
  • Words 549
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    Harvest of an empire

    Harvest Empire is a book authored by Juan Gonzales. This covers wide history of Latinos in United States of America. The book is divided in to three categories: roots, branch and harvest. Three of its chapters provide information on history and relation ship between Latin America and the United states. The second one tackles information on families to act as a representative of the wider groups of Latinos living in US. The third chapter considers politics, immigration, language, culture, and state of Puerto Rico.

    On this book he is keen on understanding the diversity of the Hispanic and other ethnic groups .He insists that Puerto Ricans colonial status be stopped and Spanish be recognized as official language.

    During 16thand 17th centuries. The Spanish and English settlers displaced natives of their colonies. But due to the requirement of cheap source of labor .they imported African labourers.During the colonial period the Anglo-American chased away natives but retained the afro-American laborers as a sub caste group or community. This was unlike the European settlers in Latin America who intermarried with both natives and imported Africans thereby creating a mono ethnic but multi genus culture. These people consist of Mexicans, Cuban, dominicians, peurto-ricans, Central Americans, and Panamanians.

    Juan Gonzalez was born from Puerto-Ricans. He was slow to learn English which was difficult for him. He proposed that an educational program for the Hispanic speaking to make them learn English with ease, in areas with high populations. This was supposed to break the barrier between the languages spoken and social class. Juan excelled and joined Columbia College and joined anti-Vietnam war movement that were young lords a Purto Rican activities group inspired by the radical left wing agenda. Juan disbanded the young lords’ activitist group in 1970sand and became the president of national congress for Puerto rights an organization which had been founded on 1981.the work of the organization was voter registration and civil advocacy.

     Many Latinos came to America thus increasing their population tremediously.Juan argued that these people had to change their altitude and perspective in order to make fruit bearing business in America.

    During Juan’s time as a journalist and an author in his documentaries and books he became a harsh critic to decision makers and opinion shapers who ignore and distorted issues concerning Puerto Ricans and other Latinos. He expressed his altitude and amazement caused by Americans who lacked basic knowledge on Puerto Ricans.

    On politics it has been tricky due to few numbers of Puerto Ricos.They have never been able to garner more than 4% of the vote cast in addition they have been unable to raise enough signatures to get the to the ballot paper.

    Juan Gonzalez has been a vocal opposition on industrialization and free trade. He insists on Puerto Rico to practice subsistence farming. Every political leader in P URTO Rico has called on congress to end its colonial control and act on state hood and independence relationship. Some of these leaders have called for expelling Puerto Rico from United States and to have a voluntary citizenship.


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