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Harvie Krumpet Analysis Callum Toby Tom

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Textual Analysis Framework Below is a 3step framework that will help you to make notes about the conten t and language and structural features of texts. You can then use these notes as a basis for writin g responses about belonging texts. step I Orientation to the text Title Hanne Krumpet Type of text Claymation, short film Composer monsterdistributes (Youtube account) Audience, purpose & context Step 2 Content of the text What is the text about?

This text is about the life of a man called Harvie Krumpet, who was raised in Poland and moved to Australia later in life.

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Harvie Krumpet Analysis Callum Toby Tom
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step 3 Exploring the Belonging Concept 1. Connections to people create a sense of belonging It is obvious that Harvey does not belong because he does not easily connect with others. This is shown when he gets a job and he has no friends. For example when he tried to befriend a coworker but was met with harsh violence. This probably put him off being too friendly as it was a negative experience for Harvey.

Connection to place can When Harvey was young and was living in Poland he lived in a house with his parents until one day he arrived home and it was burnt down, Harvey felt lost. 3. A sense of belonging comes from connection to groups and communities Harvey had minimal contact and connections to groups during his lifetime. Even when he was involved in a group (e. g the nursing home) he had almost no Interactions with the people living there. 4. A connection to larger world is important to a sense Of belonging

Harvey moved to Australia due to the recent death of his parents, he did this to try and start fresh. He moved in with some other people wanting to start new in Australia, Harvey found himself a job and started to feel as though he belonged. 5. Belonging can enrich our identity and relationships, As seen through the relationship with his girlfriend, it is clear to see that his sense of belonging around her made him feel comfortable and accepted. They got along quite well and enjoyed 1 1.

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