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Hcokey night in Canada

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September 27, 1999Luke Rossy

Over the past few decades, the Canadian sport of hockey slowly moved on to the United States and Europe. Only six teams remain in Canada and most of them are either just making enough money to survive or they are in dept. Only two or three Canadian teams are doing ok, fiscally that is.

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Hcokey night in Canada
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The NHL should try to bring hockey back to its former ‘glory’ days. Currently there are 27 teams in the NHL, which is way too many.

Either 5 or 6 teams get all the talent or the talented players are spread so thin that its almost impossible for players to get records like Wayne Gretzky did, or even close. Its going to be a while before you see another team with people as talented as the former Edmonton Oilers did back in the eighty’s. Why should there be teams in places like Nashville? Or even Anaheim? Also some players are too greedy, or too popular, and their price tags are too high.

Sport teams in Canada like Calgary, or even Vancouver can’t afford the hefty price of top-class players. While places in the United States get government funding and tax cuts.

The Canadian government should help out Canadian teams, before we lose everything to the United States. Also a salary cap should be imposed, I think the maximum a team should pay for a hockey player is 4 million a year (currently the highest is 8 million a year). One last thing, cut down on the number of teams! Hockey will get more and more boring if you keep on adding teams to places that get less than 13’000 people a game, that should lower the number of teams to about 15, which would be enjoyable and keep hockey at a very challenging level.

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