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Health care reform

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Unfortunately many of those who are on the board for y district do not represent the majority of the population, so this indeed was not an option for me. As I came across the bio of Mrs.. Anne Paul, County Legislator, District 14, it was clear. Ms. Paul is a wife and mother who resides in Rockland County. She graduated from SST. Josephs College with a BBS in Health Administration. Ms. Paul received a Masters Degree in Public Health from New York Medical College.

Thereafter, Mrs.. Paul acquired her Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner from Lehman College.

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Health care reform
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She is currently enrolled at Chatham University for her Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Mrs.. Paul was indeed the ideal candidate for my interview regarding issues with Health Care Reform. She is a member of the Nanette Civic Association, President of the New City Library Trustee Board, member of the American Association of University Women (AAU), NAACP member, NASA member, she is on the Knack College Advisory Board, Founding President and member of the Indian Nurses Association of New York and a member of the Jamaican American Civic and Cultural Association, and last but not least, Mrs.

Paul is the Chairwoman of the Government Operation Committee. I was quite impressed with her bio, and despite having called three times before scheduling an interview, I was excited to hear her perspective on the health care policy issue of workforce shortages. The Interview As a healthcare professional, and a politician, and more importantly a parent, what does Healthcare Reform mean to you? From the perspective of Mrs.. A. Paul (personal communications, January 30, 2015), Health Care Reform affects the health care delivery of the people in any given place. Ms. A.

Paul further shared that she believed Health Care Reform would help broaden the population hat will be able to access coverage in the public and private sector. It was interesting that she made this statement, as accessibility was another area of discussion I wanted to touch base on. Mrs.. Paul mentioned the fact that Health care Reform offered the American population access not only to quality health care, but access to specialty areas (Nash et al, 2011). In addition to accessibility, Mrs.. A. Paul noted the fact that the services rendered under the new Health Care Reform would be financially fitting for customers.

Do you see health care reform as a means to address health care accessibility? Mrs.. A. Paul paused and then responded by saying she felt that the underprivileged would indeed be served better. She noted that when people complain about Health Care Reform, it’s because they do not have all of the answers they need. Health care literacy is indeed an area of concern, not just for the customers, but also for those that serve them (Bodybuilder & Grumbler, 2012). Mrs.. A. Paul stated that someone called her and asked what would happen to their insurance with Health Care Reform.

She shared that this particular individual already had issues prior to the reform and was just worried about the changes. Mrs.. A. Paul (personal communications, January 30, 201 5) noted the importance for all people to know exactly how Health Care Reform impacts them specifically, further stating that they are afraid and confused. She pointed out the geriatric population and how intimidating all of this new information is to them. Do you feel Healthcare Reform will be able to address the influx of those in need with the current workforce shortages?

Nurses have more responsibility and are held accountable to maintaining standards of care, notes Mrs.. A. Paul. As a faculty member, Mrs.. Paul shared that she regularly encourages others to join the profession of nursing (personal communications, January 30, 2015). She believes that enrollment in schools will eventually increase. Mrs.. A. Paul informed me that one of our local Christian colleges, Knack College, has recently incorporated a nursing degree program over the past several years. As nurse leaders this is indeed and area of activism we can involve ourselves in.

Connecting with academic organizations that do not have programs and sharing the benefits as well as our services in support of implementing one. One of the points noted by Mrs.. A. Paul is the fact that more males are getting into the field of nursing. I myself have seen this and in my experience they have indeed been an asset with regards to the strength and compassion that they bring to the profession. Have you had personal experiences with workforce shortages in healthcare?

Mrs.. A. Paul (personal communications, January 30, 2015) acknowledges the realities of the U. S. Deed for dedicated nurses to meet the increasing demand placed by an aging U. S. Population. She notes the correlation of the demand for high quality care, an existing RAN workforce that is quickly approaching retirement ND the fact that as nurse leaders, we need to be part of the solution to the problem. Mrs.. A. Paul stated that her pediatrician has recently retired and she has wondered what those parents will do and how the will encounter the task of looking for another provider they can trust. As indicated by your community involvement, being a nurse educator and advocate, how would you recommend addressing workforce shortages?

Clearly our role as leaders in Nursing and health care overall, should include the act of encouraging others to join the health care profession. I have had this discussion tit colleagues in the past and one of the key factors is timing. Determining when youth should be introduced to the idea of becoming a health care professional is debatable. Children are impressionable and while their childhood experiences of visits to the doctors office consist of vaccinations and sick episodes, these are ideal moments to capture their minds and present ourselves as great contributors to societies well being.

Advocating for those to enroll in these professional programs is a suggestion made by Mrs.. A. Paul (personal communications, January 30, 2015). She further mentioned the need for more academic organizations to add nursing programs to their school curriculums. What are your constituents most concerned about regarding Healthcare Reform? While legislators may indeed belong to the same political party, they can indeed share a difference of opinion as it relates to various laws and political issues. Mrs.. A. Paul shared the fact that many have different conversations arise such as government takeover and the concern that the U. S. Ill institute socialist medicine like Canada (personal communications, January 30, 2015). She believes that the government is not intending to take over. She further stated the importance of employers and public programs need to be available for low income Americans who rely on health care plans.

Mrs.. A. Paul stated that she feels the Health Care Reform will be true to its testament of accessible and less expenses. She notes that the private sector can stay as is, it’s not the government taking over. What are the trade-offs associated with recent Healthcare Reform Policy? Many people have existing coverage, states Mrs.. A. Paul (personal communications, January 30, 2015). She notes that insurance experts agree that one is popular and the other not. With preexisting health conditions not being a hindrance to health care, Mrs.. A. Paul describes this as a true asset to Health Care Reform.

Mrs.. A. Paul pointed out the perk of there being various entry levels for nursing. Considering the financial factors associated with college, she felt that sharing this with potential students would be ideal. She emphasized the many possibilities and fields of nursing and health care overall. Sharing her professional journey, which started in India, her native home, Mrs.. A. Paul shared that she never stopped going to school once she came to America. A desire to help people from childhood has set Mrs.. A. Paul in a position to impact peoples lives in many ways and from the highest levels of influence including the political forum. From best nursing awards in India to leadership and community awards in America, Mrs.. A. Paul believes that as nurses we need to advocate for people not just inside hospital walls, but also in our communities, statewide and nationwide. She notes that politics was not a choice, but a calling and she makes every effort to be present and engaged from every angle possible.

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