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Legal Issues in Health Care Delivery

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US Oncology is the nation’s premier oncology services company, increasing patient access to safe, high-quality cancer care. Working closely with physicians, manufacturers, and payers, we develop innovative new approaches to confronting cancer, increasing the effectiveness of care, and ensuring a better patient experience. (US Oncology, 2009) Viewed as a extremely proficient organization, new drugs and therapies are transitioned to true life from the research lab, getting to patients as quickly as possible.

Recently, anticancer drugs received approval from the FDA, as a result from the US Oncology research program efforts.

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Legal Issues in Health Care Delivery
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Oncologists work together actively around the nation to progress cancer care. The exchange of best practices as well as discussion of treatment options regularly are the focus of tumor boards. Oncologists contribute to national committees that draw attention to innovative technologies and treatment, quality of practice, efficient and proven medicine.

The US Oncology organization come together to tackle public policy and regulatory issues that affect the quality and ability to acquired cancer care in the United States.

In order to successfully create a strong diversity management program, an open platform of communication must be embraced. (InterPlay) At US Oncology, communication on every level is necessary for management to ensure that cultural difference do not hinder any area of patient care or employee relations. Diversity management classes are requiring of all management staff.

Courses are offered online through US Oncology eLearning, web-based training as well as in formal classroom training. The cultures of our company are characterized by an atmosphere of trust and the infamous “Open Door” policy. US Oncology emphasizes the importance of being a diverse and well-rounded organization as the patients that they service are widely diverse and in order to meet the patient’s needs, the staff must not only wear the same faces, but also understand the various cultures of our patients.

Cancer is a medical, political, social, psychological, and economic issue. Every day, government policymakers make decisions that affect the lives of more than eight million cancer survivors, their families, and all potential cancer patients. (Texas Oncology) The issues that are the subject of recent federal legislation will have major influence the way that cancer care is provided. It is imperative that US Oncology understand how these new developments will effect how they conduct business.

In the ever changing world of cancer care, US Oncology has decided to offer the most innovative and advanced cancer care to its patients. In January 2007, US Oncology entered into an with PRA International in a effort to hasten improvement of new cancer treatments. PRA is a trailblazer in clinical research spanning the globe. This agreement supports operational processes and diminishes redundancies amid these two organizations which aids in employing clinical trials. (US Oncology News, 2007)

US Oncology incorporates a standing monthly meeting and a quarterly meeting that involve the Finance Committee, Practice Physicians as well as Department Managers, both clinical and administrative. Advanced data market analysis and action planning were implemented to boost and improve the decision making processes at US Oncology. Preceding the budget process, strategic planning meetings and workshops are organized and held in efforts to guide future growth and to establish strategies past the current budgetary cycles. (US Oncology, 2009)

Collaborative efforts between clinical and administrative staff who provide services to US Oncology patients, are noted to better the outcome of the patients. The synergy amongst the staff creates a successful situation. The key is everyone involved focusing on their role, recognizing it, and owning it. CONCLUSION US Oncology is the foremost cancer research and treatment provider in the nation. Its dedication and commitment to providing healthcare to cancer patients is surpassed by none. As a trailblazer in the cancer field, it is known for advancing cancer care in America.


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