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History and facts about DEll Computer Corporation

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1984- Michael dingle made Dell Computer Corporation.

1985- Dell company introduces the first machine ( computing machine ) of its ain design.it name is the Turbo, and its characteristics are that they uses Intel 8088 processor in it.

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History and facts about DEll Computer Corporation
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1987- Dell is the lone company who are offering following twenty-four hours, on-site service of merchandise.

1988- Dell conducts initial public offering of company stock, 3.5 million portions at $ 8.50 each.

1990- Dell opens the fabrication Centre in Limerick and Ireland to function the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

1991- In this twelvemonth foremost latitude notebook computing machine of Dell is introduced.

1992- 500 Roster of universe ‘s largest companies was included first clip among luck.

1993- Company first clip enters into Asia part. ( Australia and Japan )

1995- $ 8.50 portions of Dell stock worth $ 100 on presplit footing.

1996- Internet sale is started and now clients can purchase online.

1997- Got the rank of first five worldwide computing machine system shapers. Dell sends its 10 millionth computing machine system.

The value of per portion in common stock reaches $ 1,000.

1998- Production and client Centre was opened in Xiamen, China.

1999- Dell takes two stairss in this twelvemonth

1: Start fabrication in Eldorado, Brazil to function Latin America.

2: Start E-Support online proficient support.

2000- Online gross revenues of Company make up to $ 50 million per twenty-four hours and Dell becomes the No.1 in world-wide workstation cargos.

2001- Got no.1 rank in the planetary market portion and besides go the no.1 in United States for standard Intel architecture severs cargos.

2002- Dell has been chosen No.1 computing machine systems supplier by the consumers.

2003- Dell introduces pressmans for consumers and concern and launches its Recycling to enable clients to donate to charity computing machine parts. The name alteration to Dell Inc. is officially reflecting the development of the company to a diverse provider of engineering and services.

2005- Dell comes top of the list in America ‘s most admired companies in the Fortune Magazine. And open the 3rd largest fabrication location in Winston-Salem.

2006- Company ships more than 10 million systems in 1 one-fourth and its first clip in history.

2007- The Returns of Michael Dell as Chief Executive Officer. Dell Open a Facility in India.

2008- Shiping of Xp place versionof the Inspiron Mini 9, Inspiron mini 12 and Ubuntu Notebook Remix.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.slidefinder.net/D/Dell_Presented_Gediminas_Sumyla/27018290 ) .

Competitive Analysis

Facts about Dell

hypertext transfer protocol: //content.dell.com/uk/en/corp/d/corp-comm/our-story-facts-about-dell.aspx16:35 06/02/11

Michael Dell established Dell Corporation in 1984 in Austin, Texas, with an exceeding thought of selling computing machines holding direct linkage to consumers ; Dell is able to run into the calculating demands of their clients efficaciously and expeditiously.

Now every twenty-four hours Dell connects with more than 5.4 million clients, through several ways like phone, in individual, on Dell.com and most significantly through societal networking web sites,

All over the universe Dell ‘s about 96,000 workers are dedicated to doing technological work effectual for communities and clients.

It is one of the motivation of Dell is make available the engineering more easy to acquire to people and other organisations all over the universe. Dell ‘s every twenty-four hours cargo is more than 110,000 computing machine systems to clients in about 180 states.

Dell ‘s Customers to accomplish the more

Dell is united, to run into the demands of large corporations, public oriented establishments ( health care Centres, educational establishment and authorities ets ) , SME ‘s, and the most of import Dell ‘s clients.

Dell have about 41,000 Servicess group members in 90 states, 60 Centres of proficient support, and seven Centres of planetary bid committed to assisting their clients to utilize the up-to-date engineering to run into their concern ‘s demands and ends.

There is no uncertainty that Dell is on the top in the satisfaction of clients by supplying the extraordinary services like on site response, on site expertness and phone supports, said the Corporate IT users.

From the Classrooms to Virtual Labs, primary schools to universities are set uping Dell ‘s specifically educational technological solutions, doing Dell the figure one beginning of supplying laptops, notebooks and desktops computing machines to instruction in rather a batch of states all over the universe.

As being a top rated IT Services supplier of the universe, Dell helps in the medical profession to put free the strength of engineering to assist for the better betterment sing patients.

Dell is the top rated provider of Personal computing machines to lSE all over the universe and the top rated provider to public clients in the U.S. Dell trades with 98 % of Fortune 500 corporations.

As being on the 2nd in the evaluation of providing computing machine to clients of instruction sector Dell is devoted to assist instructors, admin, pupils connects the streangth of IT to wide acquisition.

Dell is covering the SME as approx. 10 million little units trades with Dell through which It got high rank in U.S. No uncertainty that Dell is trusted greatly by clients sing their corporation ‘s IT needs.

Dell is on the top in supplying the SCSI ( ISCSI ) solution of storage around the universe and besides figure 1 in supplying X86 waiter in U.S.

Dell ‘s clients are able to cover with more than 60,000 registered spouses of Dell and are certified to work as their Agents.

Connecting with the Customers through cyberspace

Dell started online selling in 1996 on Dell.com and now they have smore than 4million website visitants daily, which consequences in an order got online in about every 2 seconds. In this epoch Dell.com is covering in 166 states and in 34 linguistic communications all over the universe, dingle is on the no. 3 of the top five hunt engines and it is 2nd most reputed trade name in societal media activities for deepness and comprehensiveness.

Dell societal Web community have more than 3.5 million members, the community includes Dell mercantile establishments on chirrup Dell.com, Face book, Orkut ( Brazil ) SINA and other web sites.

Dell introduced thought Storm™ in 2007, a topographic point where people can portion their ideas, thoughts and can besides vote for the one they like Dell got thoughts and those thoughts besides implemented about 400 thoughts executed by Dell.

Visitors of Dell are allowed to read and take part to more than 100,000 reappraisals of merchandises.

Fiscal Information

For FY 2011, in 3rd one-fourth finished 29, Oct, 2010

Dell ‘s Revenue was approx. $ 15.4 billion and the operating income was approximately $ 1.02 billion.

Dell ‘s Net income in 3rd one-fourth of financial twelvemonth 2010 was $ 822 million and requital per portion was $ 0.42.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //content.dell.com/uk/en/corp/d/corp-comm/our-story-facts-about-dell.aspx ) .


Dell is no uncertainty is runing in an industry where there is a rapid alteration in engineering and inventions in hardware and package, services and the competition among merchandises and monetary values and all the related countries of concern from our standard rivals. Dell compete with its rivals with its competitory ability of giving profitable and good solutions to their clients that provide the new and needed merchandise characteristics with client services, a standard quality and dependability. All this is merely possible due our direct linkage with our clients, which proves the best manner of acquiring the information about the changing demands and wants of clients more expeditiously than any other company. No uncertainty that this strong and healthy connexion between Dell and its clients and the apprehension of client ‘s demands offers Dell a competitory advantage. By IDC, Dell grew 0.2 points of portion by calendar 2008 as Dell ‘s 11.1 % addition in units outpaced the company ‘s general growing of computing machine system which is 9.7 % . in the portion was due to a good overall public presentation in half FY 2009 followed by a lessening in units cargos in dingle ‘s concern in last 6 months of FY 2009. Which was slightly equalized by the authority in our globalized concern. Dell ‘s growing of commercial concern ‘s units was slow which shows their determination in an erode demand atmosphere to enable the growing in units while salvaging the profitableness. For the continuance of the 2nd half of FY 2009, the integral concern faces a hard IT end-user demand state of affairs as present economic state of affairs impacted on planetary client ways of disbursement. The companies like engineering grow by increasing their offerings and piercing new natural characteristics. For accomplishing this degree of growing, companies will convey invention and will besides lesser monetary value. Dell ‘s capableness to prolong or increase market portion is predicated on our capableness to be competitory on merchandise functionality, quality and geographic impregnation, and pricing. Furthermore, The attempts of Dell to equalise its mixes of services and assortment of merchandises to optimise profitableness, snap, and opportunities of growing may impact the place of Dell ‘s market portion in short term. In the last of the FY 2009, Dell by prolonging its place in the market remained the top rated provider in personal computing machines in U.S and worldwide was at 2nd place.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //i.dell.com/sites/content/corporate/secure/en/Documents/FY09_SECForm10K.pdf ) .


When we talk about the rivals, relatively Dell ‘s growing in Q4 of FY2009 was low which 11.5 % is and growing of its rivals like HP grew 19.8 % market growing and Acer was at 13.5 % . Dell ‘s growing compared to its 13.35 in the fourth one-fourth in 2008 was besides short. This is the chief characteristic of the high growing rate in the last 7 old ages in the personal computing machine selling market, even though the last one-fourth of 2008 was non so good because of economic critical state of affairs. Whereas some other rivals like Lenovo and Toshiba is concerned relatively to Dell they were at low point of growing rate which was like Lenovo 8.7 % and Toshiba 5.3 % .

The growing of nomadic Personal computers like net books and notebooks was low in the personal computing machines selling market. Dell ‘s chief strength is that it deals in commercial and communal sector so with the connotation of continuing its net income Dell garbage to go a portion of monetary value war in the personal computing machine market.

Prelim world-wide PC seller unit ships for Q4 2009 ( 1000s of units )


Q4 09

Mkt Share

Q4 08

Mkt Share




19.8 %


19.3 %

24.9 %



13.5 %


11.7 %

41.5 %



11.5 %


13.3 %

5.7 %



8.7 %


7.5 %

42.2 %



5.3 %


5 %

31.2 %



41.1 %


43.2 %

16.2 %



100 %


100 %

22.1 %

HP became a top rated compute marketer in US, get the better ofing Dell. Dell battle to prolong it ‘s in the market.

By this the US 5 top rated sellers were HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.techeye.net/hardware/dell-continues-to-bleed-market-share ) .


The World largest Personal computer maker HP is utilizing the retail channel scheme through which HP hit dingle ‘s Gross saless and its net income, And showed the first-quarter net income of financial twelvemonth 2008. The consequences estimated on orders for Personal computers, waiters and storage by topped analysts shows that HP ‘s scheme ( to depend on the web of retail merchants ) is working really good. They gave a fantastic option to touch the machines before buying and this option is assisting HP to win clients.To add more HP ‘s Personal computers and notebook are sold more than 110,000 shops. This is 10 times greater than Dell. Dell has its Personal computers selling non more than 10,000 shops. Even in footings of notebook and desktop theoretical accounts offered through retail merchants, HP offers them twice every bit many as Dell does. To Shoppers, hence have more pick.


Dell uses direct sale scheme which is really good but non able to give the competitory border to HP so I believe that Dell should besides follow the same scheme as HP to win the client back and to acquire success.

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History and facts about DEll Computer Corporation. (2017, Jul 07). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/history-and-facts-about-dell-computer-corporation-essay/

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