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History and Facts – Cinnabon

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  • Pages 6
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    Cinnabon Emotions Have you ever had a cinnamon roll? Have you ever had a Cinnabon cinnamon roll? Or maybe you have just heard of the Cinnabon bakery. Whatever the case may be, I am sure everyone has come across a Cinnabon at some point. Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1985 and now based in Atlanta according to cinnabon. wordpress. com, Cinnabon is now a large, world famous bakery which is well renowned for its delicious cinnamon rolls. Now most of us, if not all, have had a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. Maybe even just smelled it being made as you walk passed one at your local shopping center.

    The aroma is as pleasing as its taste. But, if Cinnabon is so good, why is it that we only buy it on certain occasions? What if those occasions could be linked to our emotions or how our day is going as opposed to just our senses or appetite. We will be looking into detail on how advertisements such as this one by Cinnabon sends messages to our minds that not only trigger our appetites but stir up emotions as well. Also, we will focus on how Cinnabon uses its age and credibility along with simple logic to attract customers and flaunt its product.

    Now you may ask yourself, but how could wanting to purchase a Cinnabon be linked to the way we feel? Well, this particular ad nudges at just that in numerous ways. By boldly presenting its delicious looking cinnamon bun, drenched in vanilla flavored icing on a close up. followed by nice, warm, shades of brown, and finally topped off with the famous Cinnabon logo, It causes a sort of stop and stare reaction as your senses and emotions are all vigorously boggled and bombarded by past experiences and appetizing smells and tastes.

    On this ad individually, it states the following in italicized text as if to point out importance or meaning. It says, “Time to eat your feelings again. ” this play on words is used to spark an interest in the customers mind. Not only does it present its product very nicely and clearly, but its also uses word play to grab the customers attention. Of course we all know we cant actually eat our emotions. But what is Cinnabon really trying to say? Well lets take a look at the possibilities, “Time to eat your feelings again. could mean a variety of things. It can be prodding at the way you feel or have felt at some point while eating a cinnabon since it says “again”. Meaning you probably have had one before and if you haven’t already, it is so good that it can make you feel a certain kind of happiness when you do. a special kind of emotion different from others. Or, it has to do with how you feel at the time that you are buying a Cinnabon. Maybe you are feeling down one day, or you just finished a relationship that you didn’t want to end.

    You are most likely sad about something, or upset, or uneasy. And while you walk past that Cinnabon stand at the mall you realize, “Oh, this is exactly what I need to cheer myself up! ” as you recall the flavors of a cinnamon bun from Cinnabon and the way it made you feel while you ate it before at some point, and how you felt afterwards. I am sure that the majority of us recall Cinnabon as a good experience that can bring joy or has made you joyful before.

    We would probably eat another Cinnabon or two at some point in our lives if we have the chance because of that emotion we get when we eat it. Maybe, in certain cases that emotion is nostalgia. Eating a Cinnabon might cause you to recall pleasant times when you were younger. Your mother or father might have bought you a Cinnabon while you were a child or perhaps you have had good times and special memories with old friends while eating Cinnabon as a teenager. But how would Cinnabon advertise their product without the quote “Time to eat your feelings again. ? Lets take a look at some other forms of advertisement being used here. Cinnabon has had the slogan “World famous cinnamon rolls” as long as we could remember. It is used as a constant reminder to the customer saying “Hey, we are world famous, and how did we become world famous? Come try our cinnamon buns and you will find out! ” it also relies solely on its credibility and experience at that point to get its message across which is very bold but easily pulled off with those kind of credentials.

    Also, on top of that it is surrounded, almost as if wrapped up in this nice, warm, inviting shade of brown that isn’t so bright but isn’t dark enough to go unnoticed. And the color brown would make one think of baked goods to begin with so it all plays out pretty well in the long run. The kind of font also plays a role in making the customer feel comfortable and invited. The text is written in smooth cursive. Not exactly formal cursive. But almost as if someone’s sweet old grandmother came and wrote it on the ad for them herself. It reminds us of a home style kind of feel.

    It is very warm and happy and inviting and it goes along perfectly with the warm inviting background. The Cinnabon logo itself is pretty inviting and very easily recognizable given the contrasting blue background and its unique font. Cinnabon used all capital letter in its logo and the font used is very inviting as well. The “A” and “B” in Cinnabon are linked together almost as if to resemble a strip of dough that is about to be rolled into a delicious Cinnabon which would turn out to be the “O” in Cinnabon which resembles a roll itself!

    Now, lets also take a look at how Cinnabon uses sheer logic to lure in potential customers. Aside from what we have gone over already, font, text, colors, logos, slogans, etc; probably one of the biggest forms of appeal on this ad would be the detailed display of the Cinnabon cinnamon bun itself. This advertisement presents the Cinnabon largely and closely over top of the company logo and slogan. This simple display acts as the main attention grabber for the customer. Leaving the rest to be pondered on if the customer would so choose.

    This ad would most likely be notice because of its large detailed display of a Cinnabon that appears to have come directly out of the oven and almost gives off a scent itself to its now likely customers. This large photo would almost certainly strike an interest in the customers mind because logically if a meal looks appetizing, one would like to purchase that meal. Making this ad extremely effective in getting its point across clearly and quickly while also using clever word play, colors and fonts to further stir up a potential buyers interest.

    Another thing I would like to point out is that Cinnabon ingeniously was not aiming this advertisment at any particular group of people but, in fact at all kinds of people from any part of the world at any age ranging of five to seventy five which would bring us to the conclusion that Cinnabon has made the perfect advertisment, striking and captivating its customers in all different aspects and angles all around the world. Cited Pages Cinnabon. Advertisment. Slacktory. com, n. d. Web. 26 April, 2012. Cinnabon. News. Cinnabon. newsroom. com, Cinnabon PR. Web. 24 July, 2012.

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