History Of Soccer Essay

SoccerSoccer is a great sport that has influencednations. Millions gather to watch skilled athletescompete in a game of soccer. It is an internationalsport, so popular that physical education programs havesoccer integrated into their plans. Many localcommunities also have soccer organizations for youths.

Soccer has an interesting history going back as far asancient Rome and Greece. Some other interesting topicsthat deal with soccer are my personal feelings aboutthe sport and my opinions on the future of soccer.

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History Of Soccer
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There in not much to be told about the originof soccer.

In ancient Rome and Greece, football andkicking games were played. In 1863, the London FootballAssociation developed the first set of rules. Towardsthe end of the 19th century, soccer was brought to theUnited States. But people didn’t start to take a likingto the sport until WWI. In 1908, soccer was made anofficial Olympic sport. Since then, soccer’s popularityhas spread like fire.

To me, soccer is an outstanding sport. I lovethe strategic planning that occurs in the game ofsoccer.

To play soccer, you need to be quick and agile,and your footwork must be meticulous. I like soccerbecause it comes natural to me. There’s nothing likewaking up early on Saturdays and playing a competitivegame. When I score goals, which I do often, I get thebest feeling. I am contributing to my team winning.

That’s why I like soccer.

In the future, I believe soccer will stay theweekend sport. I doubt that it will ever become aspopular as basketball i.e.. NBA. It is increasing inpopularity in the United Sports though. But you see,that’s in the United States. I visited Mexico lastsummer for a month and observed that soccer was themain sport. People would play pick-up games of socceron basketball courts, as parks and grass space werelimited. I say this only to show that soccer’s waningpopularity in the US is minuscule compared to thepopularity in other countries. So we never know, morepeople in the future may tune their TV sets to thesoccer championships than say the SuperBowl. Soccer has come a long way from being played inthe times of the ancient Romans and Grecian. Now,children and adults alike play the game of soccer andagree : soccer is a wonderful sport. To play, itrequires mental planning, stamina, and cardiovascularfitness. Also, to play soccer with skill, you mustcultivate a love for the sport. Many skilled athleteshave these qualities and that’s what makes themsuccessful in the game. by:Desiree Howell

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