Manchester United Soccer Club Essay

Manchester United Soccer Club Overview of the Case Nicholatte Larson is tournament director of Manchester United Soccer Club and responsible for organizing the club’s first summer tournament. Q1: Make list of the major deliverables for the project and use them to develop a draft of the work breakdown structure for the tournament that contains at least three levels of detail. What are the major deliverables associated with hosting an event such as a soccer tournament? Major Deliverables: * Finalizing the place of tournament and logistic details * Finding sponsor & fundraising Design of T-shirts and other accessories * Finalizing reward for winner * Team screening * Determine schedule Q2: How would developing a WBS alleviate some of the problems that occurred during the first meeting and help Nicolette organize and plan the project? WBS will help them in scheduling of the soccer matches, handling the registration, cost estimations and defining logistics.

WBS will reduce the possibility of forgetting a task completely. All the tasks will be listed in a map, with their defined priority.

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As a result, WBS will provide the entire picture of the event and provide a structure to the activities that needs to be planned and managed. Q3: Where can Nicolette find additional information to help her develop WBS structure? Nicolette can collect the information from the following sources: She can search for the other soccer events that are planned by other clubs. She can access and analyse to their schedules, awards, referees list etc. This will help her to determine the best technics. She can also take help from the soccer club members who have participated in other such events.

She can have a brainstorming session with the colleagues and identify the tasks that need to be planned. Q4: How could Nicolette and her Task force can use the WBS to generate the cost estimates for the tournament? Why would this be useful information? WBS will help them to identify the cost drivers of the event. This will allow them to reduce the costs of the event. WBS will help them arrive at numbers for size of the event, number of teams to play, number of referees, number of fields to book etc. WBS will help them arrive at the registration fees for the event.

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