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How The Surgery Improves Charlie’s Life



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    The surgery improves Charlie life because he becomes more aware of the things he was missing, his reading and spelling skills increase, and he becomes pleased with some of the results.

    Intellectual disability is a learning and mental disorder. People who suffer from intellectual disability learn , speak, and comprehend differently from others. In the story “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, Charlie suffers from intellectual disability. Charlie is 37 years old and is asked to do an operation that will increase his intelligence. Charlie befriends a mouse named Algernon who

    he hopes to beat in a race to prove he’s smarter. Later in the story Charlie will find out that not everyone is his friend, that he will be satisfied with the results of the operation, and that the surgery actually did improve his reading and spelling skills.The surgery improves Charlie life because he becomes more aware of the things he was missing, his reading and spelling skills increase, and he becomes pleased with some of the results.

    Charlie’s life improved because he was more aware of what he was missing. Before the surgery, he thought everybody was his friend and thought everyone was laughing with him. Progress Report 8 says, “Sometimes somebody will say hey look at Joe or Frank or George he really pulled a Charlie Gordon.” (Progress Report ___) He thought that when they said that, it meant something funny. Instead, they were making fun of him in a way. After the operation, he started to realize that everyone was not his friend. He also started to feel stupid, because everyone was laughing at him and not with him. Progress Report 10 says, “Now i know what it means when they say “to pull a Charlie Gordon. I’m Ashamed.” This shows that he felt stupid because they were making fun of his intellectual disability. You need to provide a longer analysis to prove how his life was improved. Although your paragraph is underdeveloped, it’s a good paragraph overall.

    Charlie’s life improved because his reading and spelling skills increased. Before the surgery, Charlie misspelled words in his progress reports and used incorrect grammar. Later you can see the changes in his vocabulary. You need a lead-in. “It’s true Charlie. You’re already a better reader than i am. You can read a whole page in a glance” Ms. Kinnian tells Charlie. (Progress Report 11). She gives him confirmation that he is getting better at spelling and reading. Letting him know that he is progressing will motivate Charlie. Along with reading , Charlie learned how to write and use punctuation. “Today I learned the comma… Ms. Kinnian, says it’s importent because, it makes writing better…” (Progress Report 9) Although Charlie is not using the comma correctly he is progressing. It is a difference from when he first started writing. You need to provide more examples to prove that his spelling skills improved/ increased. He learned what a comma is, but that doesn’t mean he used it correctly or spelled his words correctly. His learning about the comma simply means that he found out the comma is important.

    Another good thing about the surgery is that Charlie seemed to be pleased with the results. One thing he wanted to accomplish was beating Algernon. At first, Charlie was frustrated that he could not beat a mouse , but then when he finally did , he was overjoyed. “I beat Algernon! I dint even know I beat him until Burt the tester told me.” (Progress report 9). He felt accomplished because he finally did something that he thought he would never do. This also could be proof that the surgery was working on Charlie. You need to develop this idea more. There were more results than Charlie’s beating Algernon that you could use.

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