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How to make class better

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Factor that make a class productive and enjoyable

With the progress of education, how to grab student’s attention and make class enjoyable comes important. More and more teacher begins to search the new teaching methods. For a long time, how to take balance between effective and enjoyable in class was puzzling the educator. This is problem sounds difficult, on the contrary, if you thinking of students minds, it is not a thorny problem. i have some suggestion to promote the class qualities.

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How to make class better
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Firstly, building a good environment is useful to make class productive and enjoyable. In this way, teacher can devote to create a positive classroom environment. I think desk arrangement is particular. We can make desk to a circle, with students facing each other, can help student discussion. Secondly, building a emotional environment, the eyes contact is important. It looks like a insignificant behavior. However, It is reflect the value of everyone sit in the class. Besides, teacher’s attention is the best way to encourage student.

At last, the good relationship between student and teacher is also important. Students had a positive impression of a teacher, they are interested to this teacher’s class, if they don’t like a teacher, is not willing to learn this course. Therefore, teachers need get a good relationship with students. For example, teacher can provide some question to student whose English not stronger. So their confidence will be enhanced.

Secondly, I suggest to set more practice course. That is would be fun for students. Sometime, student may feel books are boring; more out class can enhance the cognition of textbook. Recently, Chinese government had already begun to emphasize the practice course. Anciently, the Chinese system only care about student’s score, in this mode the students only know how to deal exam. They don’t care about why it is happened or how to cause this change because the exam only care about result. So the practice course not only increase the inters, but also make student to know this class.

Thirdly, I think the moderate homework also important to make class enjoyable. the research shows too much homework will dispel students enthusiasm. Even if students finished the homework, the quality of homework also not too good. The suitable homework can reflect students situation. After all, student not took one course. In my opinion, the homework can not only in writing, for example, we can give student a film that relate the today’s class, then everyone need participate the discussion in next class. It can be the debate discussion or others.

Finally, we cannot leave vivid class if we want class productive and enjoyable. it needs teacher have sense of humor and change class form sometimes. Maybe one short movie or a paly a role is reasonable. Traditionally, the 2 hours continued study will make students feel tired in class, then the study efficiency will decline. So some funny activity can make this problem get remission. At last, I want to say that most students support the good class is effort by both students and teacher. As long as the teacher has the thorough preparation, the productive and enjoyable class not a difficult problem.

In the end, I thought build a productive and enjoyable class not a difficult things.

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