How to: Make Melted Crayon Art

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Learn how to create artwork using melted crayons with these easy steps. Instead of discarding old or broken crayons, gather additional materials such as a hot glue gun with glue, a canvas of any size, a drop cloth, and a hair dryer. Begin by removing the labels from the crayons in preparation.

Preparing the crayons before starting the project is optional but recommended for a neater appearance and easier color differentiation. Despite being time-consuming, I have already organized the crayons in advance. The next step involves getting the crayons ready and arranging them in a chosen pattern or design, with a rainbow pattern being the most common choice. However, you can also opt for specific colors to create a theme or go with a random arrangement – either way, it will still look cool. Simply take out one crayon of each color from the bag and finally, place your canvas on a flat surface to easily glue the crayons onto it.

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To demonstrate, I have set up mine in a pizza box instead. However, for best results, it is recommended to use a flat surface. First, align the flat end of the crayons with the top of the canvas to ensure evenness. Once they are lined up, slide them down and create two short horizontal lines about an inch apart using a hot glue gun. Instead of crayons, replace them with these glued lines (use a marker for demonstration). The lines should resemble this (Glue). Before the glue dries, quickly place the crayons on top but only do a few at a time as the glue hardens rapidly (Place crayons). Once all the crayons are securely glued on, you can begin blow-drying them. It is advisable to have something underneath to catch any mess such as a pizza box which works well. Blow-drying will take some time hence initially adding only a few crayons at once is recommended. As you blow-dry, you will notice that the colors gradually melt downward (Blow dry). Depending on how you position and angle the blow dryer each time you do this process, the lines will end up in different locations.

Once you have finished, you can either rearrange the canvas to create a messy streak effect or allow it to dry naturally. When completely done, the outcome should resemble something similar to this. Additionally, there are alternative designs that can be incorporated, though I personally lack the skill to do so. Below are various methods for creating this artwork:

Colors: Blue – these images evoke a sense of being underwater or at the beach.

Colors: Green – provides a sensation of being outdoors or in nature.

Designs: Umbrella – this is a widely favored method where it appears as if the umbrella is shielding against the “rain.”

Designs: Heart – hearts are visually appealing and extremely popular. Stencils – stencils allow for the creation of detailed crayon images, although I am interested in how it is done. Furthermore, this project is simple, enjoyable, and inexpensive. It can be easily achieved using materials readily accessible at home. Additionally, it provides a fantastic way to unwind, particularly on gloomy days. As eloquently stated by Rachel Wolf, “Color is enjoyable, color is unquestionably breathtaking, a treat for the eyes, and a pathway to the soul.”

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