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How to Take Control of Responsibilities

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How to take control of responsibilities

As we develop ourselves to get better of our past, we need to set some rules or restraints in order to keep ourselves from the evil deeds.

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How to Take Control of Responsibilities
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humility is the most important thing that we need to definitely try to achieve as we live in the complicated society. humility is something that corrects our wrong attitude or behavior toward other people or things. However as you can read in the newspaper, many people are destroying their humility to get better of something.

The morality is an only thing that ousted is existed in our society in order to correct people’s misdeed.

Spirituality is based on morality. Spirituality is something we need to get as we are keeping the virtues of the society. If we believe in god there are a lot of things we have to keep away form and when we first face it. We can be disappointed or unsatisfied by the rules God made for us.

The beauty of purity and righteousness

Because it is really hard if we value pleasure more than the greatest please that we can get from God.

Loving and resting in God in so incredible. He don’ts seem to be for unbelievers. But god actually gives us everything we need. And it is such a joy. And feel like we live this dangerous society under God’s unconquerable protection/

Charter is one that we have to correctly establish in order to live virtuous life.

We can make our characters by ourselves. It is not something that you are born with. Someone says character is something not able to change. However, it is really easy to change if we want to change and try hard. Even if you had bad character, if you try hard and pray hard, your personality is going to be greatly changed. And I a trying too.

Morality, spirituality, and character are very important as we live in this corrupted society.

If we value ourselves as God’s precious children, we may overcome and conquer all the evil temptation and their deed. Only with God.


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How to Take Control of Responsibilities. (2018, Jul 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/how-to-take-control-of-responsibilities/

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