Impact of the Mongols

Mongols had significant political and economic impact on China and Russia. The Mongol rule politically was far more significant in China than in Russia, because Russians were given more leniency than the Chinese and China experienced greater political intervention, but economically both regions had similar effects as a result of their ruling.

China was impacted more directly than the Russians. Following the rule of Genghis Khan, the Mongols became a vast empire that had a heavy influence on the Chinese after the Mongols defeated their imperial armies and claimed themselves to be the direct rulers. They banned the civil service examinations, but eventually it showed up again with less importance.

Also, many foreigners began to have higher positions in government while the Chinese were placed at only local and regional levels. In contrast, despite the fact that the Mongols invaded Russia, the Russians were still able to practice their religion, have certain rights, and keep the princes as rulers as long as they paid yearly tribute and remained under Mongol rule.

Economically, both China and Russia had similar outcomes of Mongol rule. Both regions experienced an economic boom with the improvement of infrastructure and technology like gun powder. By conquering a vast area of land, the Mongols created easy and effective trading routes, like the Silk Road and Trans-Sahara, where ideas and materials could be shared and spread. Furthermore, the Mongols also facilitated commerce and communication in both China and Russia.

In both areas the people were heavily taxed by the Mongols in order to establish a stronger, richer, and more advanced government. In Russia, the peasants were forced to pay twice; they paid once to the Boyars, which were the Russian nobles, and once to the Mongols, so that they may practice their own religion and not be slain. Also, in China, the people had to pay taxes in order to strengthen the Mongol rule and stay away from the negative outcomes of refusing to surrender.

The Mongol Empire heavily impacted the outcome of China and Russia due to their political and economic expansions in the two regions. Although Russia was freer than China politically, they both had similar rules they needed to abide by and as long as those restrictions were not broken, both China and Russia were able to have a boost in their economy.

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