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In My Craft or Sullen Art

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In the poem ‘‘In My Craft or Sullen Art’’ Dylan Thomas talks about the reasons poets write and in his usual considered way. I’m going to talk about Dylan’s way of writing about people who only care about fame or money. Dylan Thomas is saying that he isn’t writing for fame or money, he isn’t writing to compare himself with other great writers of the past but simply for ordinary lovers, even though they’ll never read his poems or acknowledge their power.

He writes because of the lovers with their arms around the grief of the ages, in other words, human morality.

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In My Craft or Sullen Art
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Repetition is a common trick of Dylan Thomas; you can find repetition in many of his poem. ‘Singing Light’’ doesn’t mean anything in the conventional way of sense. Thomas uses words, he is word painting a contrast between the ‘still night’’ and the intensity of his acts of composition alone with a lamp on his desk in the dark.

It is his brain and heart that are singing while he writes. Thomas writes in a different way than from other writers, he has his special way of writing.

Thomas uses words to interpret other meanings. He states he writes at night, only at night when the moon is out, while everyone else is lying in bed worrying about their problems. Thomas does not write for proud men, it is obvious but he writes for his own kind of people. He doesn’t write for the dead, he writes for lovers, the ones with the truest love, who do not love for money for praise, he writes for the lovers who pay no attention to what he is writing. That is what Thomas is interested in writing about.

Thomas loves love so he loves to right to people who love passionately and for those who love even when there is no money. These are the kind of people who do not read this poetry, they do not care about anything except what they love and they do not have the money. I believe that Thomas is a very conservative and a very careful person, he does not like to show off or be the center of attention. As other writers that only cared about fame of money he only cared about writing for ordinary lovers but they will never read his poems or acknowledge their power.

I feel like Thomas keeps writing these poems to prove that nobody cares about reading or figuring out the meaning of his poems but all they care about is fame or money. He makes it sound like nobody ever had time or the desire to read. Maybe people did not know how to interpret or did not understand Thomas’s way of writing. Thomas thought every single word for to make it fit in perfectly in the writing, so that is what makes it difficult to read or understand the poems. I believe he was one of very few people who did not care about fame or money by that time.

I think the topic of ambition and money is a very good topic that Thomas chose to write about, I believe that is a very important thing that determines a person’s maturity or even respect. In modern society authors, singers, writers and other artists do what they do only for money. This poem might make other modern people reflect. Although modern people might not be interested in reading these poems just like ordinary lovers but they can reflect themselves by reading this poem. Finally this is my essay on ‘’In My Craft or Sullen Art’’ by Dylan Thomas and the meaning of this poem.

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