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A population of African Elephants

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If you look at the reproduction time of an elephant and the amount of times the elephant will mate in its life. I. The African Elephant is quickly becoming extinct due to several main A. If You look at how many times an African Female Elephants reasons. Mates in its entire life time and add that to how long it takes her to half the baby that will show you why we as the human race must do everything in our power to help animals survive along with us.

1 . The African Elephant lives up to eighty years and will have 1-3 partners during their life span. 2.

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A population of African Elephants
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African Elephants are known to have 4-12 baby elephants throughout its life time depending on how old the elephant is when it first mates. B. When an Elephant mates it will depend on her age that determines how many babies she will have. 1. It takes nearly two years for an Elephant to have one baby that is called a calf.

And although it is rare sometimes the Mother Elephant will have the baby calf under the 24 MO. Period. 2. Another rare, but not impossible in Elephants is having Twin Calf’s. It is extremely rare in African Elephants but a little more common in Asian

Elephants since there are a smaller breed. Elephants have a hard enough time producing so when we talk about survival it makes it impossible when they are being illegally captured and killed for their beautiful tusk. II. Beautiful Creatures that are descendants of the extinct Woolly mammoth are finding themselves becoming extinct. A. Reproduction is not the only challenge the African elephant is facing. 1 . Elephants numbers declining because of illegal poaching of their beautiful white teeth known as Ivory. 2. The Elephants are not sedated for the tusk to be cut off, but they are killed.

Which is declining their numbers quickly. B. It may surprise you but the demand for Ivory Tusk is not just overseas. 1 . China along with other Asian countries are big traffickers of Ivory. But what will surprise you is that there are not the only countries. 2. The United States last year alone traded with countries such as Africa for Ivory worth 60 million dollars on the black Market. With the Trade of Ivory being a hot commodity for the wealthy Countries are killing Elephants up to 60 a day out of a population of an estimated 500,000 African Elephants.

With this number and the length in which it takes a mature Female and male to reproduce African Elephants are being placed on the endangered list. Ill. Elephants will continue to become extinct and One day will be all gone for the future generation of our children and descendants if we don’t take a stand and take measures to make sure that law makers in our country as well as others put a stop to illegal poaching. 1 . Zanzibar is one of the fastest growing places for illegal poaching of tusk from the Elephant in Africa. 2.

This year on February 1 lath President Obama designed to create “a near complete an” on the commercial sale of African elephant ivory in the U. S. 3. The United States destroyed over 6 tons of illegal Ivory in November. 1 . This was the start of a global message to other countries to stop the illegal killing, sale, and trade of ivory. A. With our country being at the top of this demand it was only fitting that we were the first to place a global stop to this senseless killing of these animals. B. Asia and Tanzania are just a few counties that have there name of the poaching of shame list.

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