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International Business Pre Course Assignment

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  • Pages 3
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    Select a country of interest to you and examine the culture of that country and discuss and analyses the implications for international mangers of doing business in that culture. India is rapidly changing and growing country that recognized as the world’s largest potential market for goods and services. Over the last few decades India has largely been viewed as one of the best outsourcing destination in the world. Where most of the organizations and companies from many countries are looking forward to do businesses in India.

    And try to reduce their cost through reinserting work to a country like India with a large number of graduates who can manage English but whose salary demands were considerably lower than to the other parts of the world. This approach of Indians is help to get the most of the company’s and organization’s attraction toward India in world businesses. India represents as huge business opportunity, but it also undoubtedly presents as one of the most dangerous country to invest and has significant barriers to entry.

    Whilst Indian government is looking to open up the country to foreign investment, many sectors remain closed and there is considerable internal reassure to keep these entry barriers strong. Except the political, cultural and bureaucratic barriers, India is definitely open for business and those companies and organizations who interested in Indian market. If someone approach the Indian market with the right mindset, goals and having done the required amount of needs can be extremely successful and secure a bright future business world.

    One of the biggest barrier to overcome when entering the Indian market or doing business with India is definitely the cultural differences that international companies will undoubtedly face. Indians do things differently in India. Indian business culture and its products influence of Hinduism, Islam and many more religious believers and views thousands of years. And as well as more recent Western business systems. Many organizational Managers think they can simply do their normal ways of doing things in India and also expect it’ll work.

    But probably it won’t country like India. International Business Cultures are not suite for the country like India. Therefore International companies who are working with or wish to work with India have to assist the local Indian business culture and link the International business culture to Indian business culture The Indian business culture is very hierarchical, which has the implication that decisions are made at the very top and the decision making process may be a slow one.

    The communication style of the Indians is also indirect. Indians also directly combined with religious views and believes. Most of the Indians affect Indian communication and leadership styles, motivation patterns, decision making processes, and their attitudes towards work. Because of these factors, Outsourcing partnerships, joint venture relationships, and motivating local employees are all likely to be affected by differences in cultural values and arms.

    Looking from Indian Managers point of view, Indian manager can be very aggressive and goal oriented and as well as may be sensitive to the needs and wishes of the people in his/her group. So, western managers may find it difficult to fully comprehend with the behavior of Indians and success in India. So, as an International manager if you want success in India you have to focus on followings, Understanding the Indian mindset Building relationships Adapting how your offering fits into Indian needs Keeping your eyes open to the rapid changes that are happening in India on a daily basis.

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