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Introduction To English Composition

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Composition is one of the essential elements in English language. It develops the language of the learner in all aspect as pertain to the syllabus offered to them. This paper will try and comes up with some of the topics that have to be included in composition textbooks to be developed in future, it will contain the reasons as to why the topics have to be included in the textbook as well as the way they will be narrowed down to facilitate its understanding to the students.

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Introduction To English Composition
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The textbook has to contain topics such as: grammar section and writing styles section (Ruetten, 2003). These are areas that have not been well dealt with in the development of our current textbooks in the market. The paper is more interested with the two topics as they are the core areas in any composition of the study. In coming up with this textbook, the topics will be further broken down to enable it to be dealt with to the fullest.

In the grammar section, it will be split into five main areas of which will deal with the use of punctuation, the flow of the sentences in the composition, the relationship of the sentences in a paragraph, the vocabulary used in the work and the use of tenses in the work. In the writing style section, this is the way one addresses his work to the people. Thus, the topic will be broken down into other sub-topic such as the font that one uses, the language that the work in written in and the format of writing in such away that whether essay, play or educational paper to pass information to the audience (Ruetten, 2003) .

The paper is written to improve on the areas that are normally tackled in the study of English composition in the schools. While writing a college level research paper, one may experience some of challenges such as in defining the précised width and depth of the study. This is because it tends to be wide as compared to the primary and secondary school level.

In writing effective descriptive essay, one has to collect all the information as regard to the item that he has to write about in the composition (Seldess, 1996). This has to be obtained by observing and even describing some of the elements collected from the field.


Ruetten, M. K. (2003) Developing Composition Skill 2 Ed United States: Heinle & Heinle

Seldess, J. (1996) How to Write a Descriptive Essay Retrieved 8th January 2009 from http://www.writeexpress.com/descriptive-essay.html


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