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Investigatory Proejct

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Guyabano (Anona Muricata Linn) Seed Oil Extract as Topical treatment for Pediculus Capitis Gabriel John Perez Bryan Interino Jolo Maniago Joshua Gardon Daniel Melchor Camille Tocmo Angelica Lingad John Carl Narvarte Gerome De Guzman Russel Cancel Proponents Chapter 1 Introduction: A. Background of the Study Pediculus Capitis also known as head lice infestation is one major problem in the world that can cause severe fever if left untreated. Typically, the head or the scalp of the individual is infested.

When this happpens, irritation on the skin may occur.

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Investigatory Proejct
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Itching is the most common symptom of this infestation. It is widely endemic especially for children. If left untreated it may cause further concern in health. The purpose of this study is to find out and determine the effect of Guyabano Seed Oil Extract as a topical treatment for head lice infestation. B. Statement of the Problem General Objectives * To produce topical medication to head lice using guyabano seed. To find out the effect of the medication to the behaviour of lice.

Specific Objectives This study aims to answer the following query: * Can Guyabano Seed oil extract be made as a topical treatment for head lice? * Is there a significant effect in using this topical treatment? C. Significance of the Study Because of the growing cases of head lice infestation, the result of the study will benefit humans. If proven effective, Guyabano seed oil extract can treat head lice infestation.

It will be very helpful to those who are suffering from this common infestation of small insects. This can be also sold on the market with affordable price. D. Scope and Limitations of the Study This study entitled “Guyabano ( Anona Muricata Linn ) Seed Oil Extract as Topical Treatment for Pediculus Capitis” aims to find out the effect of this medication to the infestation of head lice. The study is limited to the use of Guyabano Seed oil extract and head lice as the independent and dependent variables.

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