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Is Google Making Us Smarter?

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Google, can be used for many reasons. Some good, some bad. It is how the user uses Google, that depends on if it is making us smarter. There is a lot of technology coming out these days, and most of it is helpful to almost everyone. Essentially, technology is making us smarter. But, some technology is making short cuts for us. Students used to go to the library and checked out books to help with their homework. Nowadays, students go home and Google the answers, rather than searching for information to help them.

In my opinion, the technology is making us better readers.

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Is Google Making Us Smarter?
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The more a person reads, the better and faster they get at it. But again, it depends on what kind of technology the person is using and how they use it. One way technology is making us better readers is Electronic readers. They’re a lot easier to read, and you can store so many books into it.

So, technology is making us better readers. Different types of writing have been around for thousands of years, but technology and its style of writing has only been around for about twenty. Almost everybody I know uses technology to write, whether it’s texting, tweeting, or instant messaging.

Our great ancestors didn’t have technology to write with. It was ink and paper. But with the tablets and laptops, you can type books instead of writing them. Soon, in the future, there will be no need for paper, pencils or ink. Technology gives us more ideas to think about. Want to write a book? Google, “Ideas for a good book”. There are endless results for almost anything you type in and search for in Google. If you don’t know something, Google gives you the opportunity to explore the Internet to find what you’re looking for. For some occupations, technology has made it a lot easier.

Technology has shown us that we can think a lot easier and faster because of everything being a click away. We went from having a type writer, to having touch screen phones and tablets. Technology has advanced so much in the last ten years that its outdating a lot of the things we made twenty years ago. Technology is only going to advance, and we’re going to be a part of all of it when it does. A lot of technology is already taking jobs away from people that could really need them. Mostly because machines don’t get paid, and never need breaks. So essentially, machines would be the better way to go, but they’re making humans obsolete.

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Is Google Making Us Smarter?. (2016, Oct 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/is-google-making-us-smarter/

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