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Troy in Fences by August Wilson

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In August Wilson’s “Fences”, Troy is a father and husband who make’s the worse decision from human imperfection, to commit adultery and become mixed up in another relationship. By noticing the racial tension in the late nineteen fifties, in combination with Troy’s past life experiences and the events that play out in each act, one can not understand Troy’s choice to commit adultery. This situation is clearly emphasized in Fences with Troy’s dissatisfaction about life. Troy was both a victim of his past in sports and his job at the sanitation department also a victimizer to everybody around him.

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Troy in Fences by August Wilson
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In fact, he might have become a victimizer in because of the way he was treated by his father and his past history in sports (Baseball). His attitude is a slight reflection of how he was treated when he was growing up and he takes most of his victimizing out on Cory because he is trying to help Cory be better than him and in the same way just like him.

He also victimizer to Rose, she has put he life aside to be apart of Troy’s life but nothing is ever enough for him. Troy Maxson was a great baseball player, at least according to his friend Bono.

Although he played brilliantly for the “Black Leagues,” he was not allowed to on the “white” teams, unlike Jackie Robinson. The success of Robinson and other black players is a sore subject for Troy. Because he was “born at the wrong time,” he never earned the recognition or the money which he felt he deserved. Troy was a victim to the hard life of a rising baseball superstar, but since he was black he was cut short and because of this he is restricting Cory to play football. Cory fall victim to a lot of Troy’s animosity towards the sports world.

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