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Istanbul – a Link Between Asia and Europe

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Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and most croweded too. Istanbul connects two diffrent countinents a with bridge, these are Asia and Europe. I chosed Istanbul because . Its where I live and I think its the most beatiful city in the world. There is no such a city like Istanbul.

Istanbul connects two diffrent continents Asia and Europe with Bosphorus bridge. You can eat your meal near the Bosphorus Bridge, its really beatiful you can feel the wind of Bosphorus and watch the sea.

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Istanbul – a Link Between Asia and Europe
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Istanbul has chosen Capital of Culture in 2012.Istanbul has a lot of countys. Popular ones are Taksim,Beyoglu,Besiktas, Kadıköoy.

Taksim is a great place to visit in the morning you can see the historical side of the Taksim,There is a lot of ancient Churchs and Mosques in taksim,and you can go to shopping . Taksim has a long road with a lot of Shops where you can buy everything you want and Restaurant where you can eat everything you want.

Shortly you can find everything you want at the Taksim. Nightlife in taksim is great too. There is Night clubs,Bars,Discos which are good places to have fun.

On the other hand Istanbul has great hisctorical side too. Istanbul has known as Constatninpole in the time of Ottoman Empire. The Most popular ones are Topkapı Palace which was build in 1459 for the Sultan. Sultan-Ahmed Mosque is a historic mosques in Istanbul. The mosque is also knows as the Blue Mosques as too.Because for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.This mosque is speacial because Sultan Ahmed Mosque got (six) Minarets which a great Architect.

I would recommend this city to anyone who is able to visit Istanbul. Istanbul is best city for ones who love history and fun.A lot of activites can done, for example eating fish at the Boshphorus near the sea.

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Istanbul – a Link Between Asia and Europe. (2016, Jul 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/istanbul-a-link-between-asia-and-europe/

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