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On “The Philippines a Century Hence” – Dr. Jose Rizal

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Dr. Rizal also predicted that the Americans would come, however he predicted that it would be unlikely since “this is contrary to her traditions. ” However, America did this through cunning and not through direct military conflict, and to hell with traditions! Americans had been hypocrites… And i hope they will no longer be. This statement was once true. “Very likely the Philippines will defend with inexpressible valor the liberty secured at the price of so much blood and sacrifice.

With the new men that will spring from their soil and with the recollection of their past, they will perhaps strife to enter freely upon the wide road of progress, and all will labor together to strengthen their fatherland, both internally and externally, with the same enthusiasm, with which a youth falls again to tilling the land of his ancestors who long wasted and abandoned through the neglect of those who have withheld it from him.

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On “The Philippines a Century Hence” – Dr. Jose Rizal
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Then the mines will be made to give up their gold for relieving distress, iron for weapons, copper, lead, and coal.

Perhaps the country will revive the maritime and mercantile life for which the islanders are fitted by their nature, ability and instincts, and once more free, like the bird that leaves its cage, like the flower that unfolds to the air, will recover the pristine virtues that are gradually dying out and will again become addicted to peace — cheerful, happy, joyous, hospitable and daring. ” However, can we see this in the Filipino of today? Are Filipinos laboring together to strengthen their fatherland? I do not think that this is being done. We are actually vivisecting the fatherland, in a sense.

We take what we can from it and leave the cadaver for other scavengers to do their thing. Wala tayong utang na loob sa bansa. Now, this struck me the most. “Absence of any great preponderance of one race over the others will free their imagination from all mad ambitions of domination, and as they tendency of countries that have been tyrannized over, when they once shake off the yoke, is to adopt the freest government, like a boy leaving school, like the beat of the pendulum or by a law of reaction, the Islands will probably declare themselves a federal republic. ” Yes, that law of reaction is currently on-going.

There are calls in the provinces for a federalist form. yet, for the almost 50 years of our existence as a sovereign nation after the World Wars, nothing significant happened for federalism. Is that a rejection of Dr. Rizal’s words? No, since it is the politicians in Imperial Manila who holds all power. The provinces are under-represented. So, that is the cause of the negative effects of regionalism. Federalism will make this regionalism into something positive, while not actually eviscerating the unity of the nation. I do not know, but I advocate federalism. A treatise on that will come soon. Dr Rizal proves prophetic, otherwis

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