Ideologist of Philippine Nationalism Jose Rizal

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Rizal’s exile in Dapitan has not only bring darkness in his life but bring lightness for all Filipinos. He made the most of it, he never let his exile ruin his living but shared his talent and knowledge to the common people there.

Rizal improved the water system, taught education like Spanish, science and math, provided lighting system and most of all, he cured many people who have eye problems most especially his very own Teodora Alonso. Rizal really did not experience the meaning of cast out because the people of Dapitan was so hospitable and he experience the Love and Concern of all the people there.Rizal brought hope in this town to which the people gave a warmest greet when he was about to leave the place. In Dapitan, Jose Rizal met the love of his life.

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When an old man named Mr. Wecker, a blind man who takes care of Josephine Bracken when she was young, consulted Rizal for his poor eyesight. Rizal was astonish by the beauty and goodness of Josephine Bracken which the old man did not feel right. He and Josephine decided to go out of the country but Josephine promise that he will come back.

When she arrive again, they had a newborn but died while Josephine was giving birth. Josephine was the happiness of Rizal back then. But Rizal discovered that Josephine was an secret agent of the Friars and was so angry of Josephine. This is one of the significant events in his exile.

This event made him realize that the friars are on his way and he must find a way to get out of this Friars. One incident had almost led to the death of Rizal when the Friars brought again a hired killer to execute Rizal but it was a fail.Here you can see the friars really want to end Rizal’s life but they can’t. One of the most significant events was the visit of Pio Valenzuela whom consulted Rizal for the rebellion of KKK which he expects a bloody revolution but Rizal did not accept this plan for the first time.

But as the conservation gets along this made us all surprise. Knowing that Rizal was a man of reform and peace not a man of war, he decided to support the plan of the KKK and gave a good advice to Pio Valenzuela where they can find guns.This event really showed that Rizal was now ready to end the persecutions of the Spaniards. His exile brought only nationalism and patriotism of the Filipinos! The Exile in Dapitan was a set-up which I think was all planned and connected to his fatality.

A long time ago he planned and sent a letter to Spanish court to become a Military doctor in Cuba for the Spain in order to serve the Spanish civil. But the response was only granted after 1 year and Rizal had already changed his mind. But his lawyer a Spanish civil said that it his dream and he has to take chance.Just what I said in the previous lines he must find way he can see that the Spaniard our getting on him so he decided to move to Cuba.

While on his way to Cuba, he was imprisoned in Spain and was alleged to be persecuted to the Bagumbayan in the Philippines. This was really an arrangement of the Spaniards to single out Rizal. Lastly, Rizal brought light, guidance, happiness and love to the people of the Dapitan he became a good servant, doctor, teacher, instructor, lover and a Filipino to all the people there. Rizal was hero in his own exile!

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