Korea history- three kingdoms' founding myths Essay

Three kingdoms period Foundation myths of three kingdoms have fundamental influences for Korea history study , if we looks depth into those legendary historical Goguryeo’s founder Dongmyeong wang (Jumong)’s legendary had relevant significantly with another ancient kingdom in North-east Asia.-Buyeo, which later on became hostile country of Goguryeo According to Samguksagi, king of Buyeo – Jumong’s adoptive father Geumwa Wang was born oviparously from a glossy, golden egg , with peculiar shape (삼국사기-고구려扶馀王解夫娄老无子,祭山川求嗣,见大石,使人转其石, 有小儿, 金色蛙形.收而养之,名曰金蛙。及其长, 立为太子) Jumong was son of Hae Mo su (the son of heaven) and Yuhwa- the queen of Geumwa Wang - Korea history- three kingdoms' founding myths Essay introduction. Hae mo su fell in love with Yuhwa but they somehow couldn’t maintain their relationship. But, Yuhwa gave the birth to a giant egg under sunlight exposure, which turned out to be Jumong later. (为日所炤,引身避之,日影又逐而炤之。因而有孕,生一卵,大如五升许)금와왕 was definitely not happy about this egg, he felt humiliate for being cuckold by his queen and attempted to destroy the egg, but the egg seemed to be adamantine and unbreakable . (王欲剖之,不能破,遂还其母) After overcame innumerable hardships, she raised Jumong up with courage and patience(其母以物嚸之,置於暖处,有一男儿,破壳而出,骨表英奇)-삼국사기-고구려).

As Jumong had to grew up with endless persecutes his adoptive father’s, he escaped from Buyeo palace with his follower, and founded Goguryeo As my observation, even though Jumong was an “egg”, his historical legendaries and Goguryeo’s founding myths were hugely relevant to both former dynasties and later on three kingdoms. In the other word, Goguryeo’s founding myths served as a strong bond between the previous history (such as Old Chosen, and Buyoe) and prospective history (such as baekje). For example, as I mentioned in the beginning, according to the myth, Jumong was raised up in Buyoe under the mistreat of his adoptive father- so, he was not necessary to leave his homeland and found a new kingdom if Geumwa Wang treaded him nicely. Also, according to Samguk Sagi, Jumong’s second wife, So Seo-no, left Goguryeo with her sons Biryu and Onjo to south and found Baekje, If Jumong Disparately, according to Gaya and Silla’s founding myths, Kim Suro Wang and Bak Hyeokgeose Geoseogan was “ descended from sky”

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Similar with the way Jumong was born, Kim Suro Wang, the founder of Gaya, was also hatched from an egg. According to Samguk yusa,king Suro was the son’s of heaven that fell from sky with five of his brothers. He broke the egg shell at first among six of them and led everybody to establish six Gaya. Coincidentally, Bak Hyeokgeose Geoseogan, the legendary founder of Silla, was also born from an egg. According to Samguksagi, village chiefs gathered around to deliberate proper candidate for their alliance’s leadership. At the time, a white horse suddenly descended from sky, while an egg covered by brilliant radiance appeared, a baby broke the egg and turned to be Bak Hyeokgeose later, compare with three kingdoms foundation myths, it is not hard to conclude that those myths all put significant emphasis on the birth of the founders. it abundantly employs mythological have been much mythologized, Oviparous heroes and maternity-centred backgrounds appeared repeatedly in the fairy stories of ancient Korean literature. 古代朝鲜神话中反复出现的卵生母题是其族源神话的一大特色。 www.ceps.com.tw

The sun worship is a universal primitive belief and through the oviparous myth the sun worship of the ancient Koreans can be seen. 太阳崇拜是带有普遍性的原始信仰,透过卵生神话可以窥见朝鲜民族先民的太阳崇拜。

温祚王建立百济國的记载,相对于其他開國神话而言神圣性比较弱,神话的特征也 不够明顯。另外,从强调温祚王是东明王儿子这一点来看,可推斷温祚王神话的形成 期可能比其他神话晚。有关温祚王的建国神话在《三国史记》中有较详细的纪栽。朱 蒙在卒本收养的儿子是沸流与温祚,由于朱蒙将来自北夫馀的儿子立为太子,因此他 们定都于慰礼城。后来温祚王统一了弥邹忽和马韩等地并扩张领土,定国号为“百济 ”,打下了百济的基础。

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