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Leading With My Chin by: Jay Leno

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Jay Leno is quite an inspiring man. Through his childhood years was lonely yet happy boy. He was forced upon his parents to do certain things he did not want, but he did it until he was forced in not doing it. Jay Leno had a hilarious life growing up and his adventures still reign with him. His most humorous days were his childhood. He was also very mysterious when he was around his friends. Jay Leno wrote this book for many reasons.

He wanted to show the world that he came from being a nobody from nowhere to one of the most well known people on the planet. While writing this book Jay Leno recounted many of the ridiculous steps and missteps that have led him on what may be the unlikeliest of paths, from college campuses to Carnegie Hall to Las Vegas and, finally, the Tonight Show. Jay reveals his in his wholesome Andover, Massachusetts, the way he grew up.

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Leading With My Chin by: Jay Leno
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He was the son of a Scottish mother, and an Italian father. Im half-breed of the oddest sort: one part Scottish, one part Italian. The combination makes no sense. Because each side is couldnt be more diametrically opposed. His experiences with his parents are hilarious like the time his parents hosted a dinner party, and little Jay was supposed to be asleep, and he wanted to make a scene so that everyone would be impressed with him. Little Jay climbed and swung on the chandelier and then flew right down in the middle of the table. His parents flew him to the hospital where he had to have his ruptured spleen, repaired. Although the extent of the book is really entertaining, there is nothing really deep in this book. He doesnt convey many personal feelings, doesnt gossip or put any one down like Howard Stern. The weird thing about his book is that Jay ends this book right when the story is seeming to get interesting, right when he is about to introduce Tom Cruise on his show, and he is about to take over the Tonight Show. When Jay was growing up his father made him attend such activities and sports such as football, baseball, the boy scouts and so on. Jay hated all things his father made him do. His experiences of getting out of these situations are hysterical. Times such as the time his father bought him a fishing pole and Jay had some kind of master plan to please his father. The idea made me sick. Then one day at school I heard some kids talk about catching a lot of fish. I said, wheres a lot of fish? They said, Theyre draining this lake near our house and there are all these fish there! I figured that if the lake is drained, fish have to be flipping around everywhere. How hard could this be? The story ends up that the fish were rotten and he told his mother the truth, while his father thought they were gonna have a fish dinner that night. His mother threw the fish away and went to the market to get fresh ones, and his father never noticed the difference.

Now, I never liked joining groups, and the boyscouts in particular worried me because you required to attend meetings wearing uniforms with shorts. And, worse a neckerchief! I couldnt have looked dorkier. As you may see he wasnt into many activities either.

All of the things that had happened to Jay Leno had to happen for a reason or else he wouldnt be the person he is today. The things that happened to him were unbelievable but in some way it fell into place and made him the way he is today. Throughout the book, Jay wrote a lighter side to Leno, as opposed to the All-American image we see on TV As Jay explains in the book, it consists mainly of short, humorous episodes as he works his way up through he ranks as a stand-up comedian. In reading the account, we see that he truly has paid dues and deserves to be where he is today. Conversely, he spends a lot of time relating his childhood misadventures, most of that are amusing but has little to do with growing up.

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