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Learning in a Foreign Country

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A new country, new people, new traditional! Even though life in a foreign country is hard, many people choose to move to other country for several reasons. It can be a really interesting and lots of experience, but at the same time it has very important in one’s life. Two ways that people who are living in a foreign country gain benefits are socials skills and new language skill that wills be useful throughout their lives. One of the main skills of living in abroad is social skills.

The way people who are living in the foreign country think must be changed.

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Learning in a Foreign Country
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Foreign experiences improve one’s will power and ability of adjusting to a new environment and capability to overcome the several hard situations. For example, personalities and characters are changed to be individual person; when faced the difficult trouble, they will do all by themselves; less helps from their families and friends therefore feel more free to experiment with different ways of doing things.

Living on their own, away from their families and friends, give them a lot of experiences toward organizing their life.

Since it is up to they and no one else to go to school, clean their room, wash their clothes, and organize their expenses, so it is predictable that they will have a good strong meaning of responsibility, lead to be an independent person and broaden their narrow perspective. The most significant affecting of living in foreign country is foreign languages. The new language skills can give you more money in the future, for enhancing the ability to face the challenge in competition applying the jobs.

Related to nowadays, the world of competition for the jobs are higher. The more ability you have, the more you get opportunity to get better job. For example, in case of ASEAN; Association of South East Asian Nations, Asian people are looking forward to be The ASEAN Economic Community for integration transforming ASEAN into a single market and production base by 2015. The Asian have to use English for main language to communicate to each other and get more ability for get a better job. So studying in a foreign country is helpful to learn a foreign language.

In a foreign country, they have to communicate with the others in the local language. In order to exist, they must force themselves to accept the challenge of language. Living abroad is difficult and challenging. Living far from comfortable nests could be sometimes difficult in one’s life, but on the other hand it would lead them to get new develop understanding and skills that they can use throughout their lives. Never had I been surprised to know that why nowadays more and more people are trying to go aboard for get more opportunities.

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