Moving to a Foreign Country Essay

Moving to a foreign country Have you ever experienced living a foreign country? All people have some changes when moving to a foreign country in the initial time. Because each country have separate language, separate culture, and daily living needs are also different. There are three ways my life changed when moved to the United States: language, culture, job. It was very difficult for me to understand English language.

I don’t understand what the other people said, because in English language has many words that sound very similar to its.

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Moving to a Foreign Country
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For example, the sound of cut and cot, cup and cop, suck and sock. I can’t talk to other people, because I don’t known many words in English. The people don’t understand what I said, because my pronunciation is incorrect with those words have many syllables in English such as glamorous, conversations, and participation. On the other hand, there are grammatical differences between my country language and English language. For example, in my country language adjective after noun. Oppositely, in English language adjective before noun. I have taken a lot times to practice English.

For example, I had studied English sine 2008, so I can’t listen and speak fluent English. Second, there were big differences between my culture and the culture in the United States. There is different about working time. For example, the working time of offices in my country are start from 7:00 Am to 11. 30 Am and 1:30 Pm to 5:00 Pm and in United States start from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm. Next, there is different about celebrated day, because the traditional holidays of my country used other calendar. For example, this year the new days of my country is on February 10, 2013 in the United States.

There is different about food. For example, the staple food in my country is rice and in the United States is flour. Third, I had difficult times to find a job in the United States. My job in my country are not in accordance with the United States. For example, My job is construction. In the United States the people use wood to built a house. In my country used brick and cement to built a house. Next, I don’t working experience in the United States. For example, – Don’t have a degree in the United States. III. Conclusion (Paragraph 5): The three ways my life changed are language, culture, job.

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