Life of a Childless Woman in the Tragic Poem Yerma

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Yerma, subtitle work “tragic poem” is the second and more intense Lorca’s trilogy of rural tragedies. It focuses on the frustration and humiliation experienced by a childless woman. This essay examines the role of the chorus, as they are used as a technique that is an integral part of the work. at the scene of the village women washing clothes in the river. the role of the chorus is developed by the washerwomen are not only serve to enlighten the public all that has happened in the life of the protagonist and why, but also show the reaction of the people’s actions and the fact that Yerma not pregnant achieved.

One and the recurring themes in this work is to be said .. Many seem to think that Yerma washerwomen, leaving home for single and childless, not an honest woman. LAVANDERA 4: I planted one … to be kind. In this song we see how the most conservative society, represented by some of the washerwomen, Yerma judge. The author highlights how society judges people when not conform to the “rules of society” and how they can be very critical.

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But either way, it also shows that despite the traditional customs, but also shows a more liberal viewpoint, more modern, especially in the washer 1, which is the defense of Yerma only during the conversation: LAVANDERA 1: Who are you to say ….. but it is not your fault. notes that not all people in society act and think in the same way as you can see with the old and the girl 2. In the context of this conversation, you say this in order to silence the washerwomen another, we condemn without Yerma only children.

But, in turn, this quote is very important in terms macro textual and anticipating the tragic end by suggesting that Yerma not get pregnant because John is not fertile and it is he who does not conform to the “rules of society”. The choirs also represent the situation of women in particular in Spain during the 1930s. This is in terms of their biological, child bearer, wife and a woman who wants to fulfill.

Lorca intentions is to show how society perceived women in a different way for people to question their own behavior and their thoughts on the role of women and be more attuned to gender oppression, which are particular issues the thirties. Another approach deeper meanings of the work emphasizes the theme effect “what people think”. Lorca would point out that the pressures of society can lead people to do the “unthinkable. ” In the sense of the chorus, which acts as a catalyst Yerma for murdering her husband. Due to frustration and humiliation he suffered at From this SAY” that led her to destroy the only means to achieve his dream. ‘s work is also considered as an expression of both Lorca despite being biologically excluded from the opportunity to fulfill their resentment of procreation and the effect repressive gender stereotypes. In conclusion, the washerwomen refer to the actions of the characters in the play to show what they are spoken of in the village, offering different perspectives as possible. From a critical perspective, traditional or conservative look that seeks to justify the actions of Yerma to the rumors.

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