The Childless One Short Summary

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Radha shows us how difficult a matrimony in India can be.

The writer Jai Nimbkar has written this short narrative in the twelvemonth 1983. It is about a adult female named Radha. who has married a adult male with the name Shripati. Shripati’s ma is a adult female with a serious and rigorous head. the aunt of Shripati besides lives with them. but she is more sort than the mother-in-law. Radha didn’t unrecorded with her parents. because her ma is dead and her male parent she doesn’t see. this means that Radha did non come with dowery. There was no payment from her side. The mother-in-law did non like Radha. she was merely traveling to demo a small spot of consideration because Radha’s gestation. She knew. that Radha was transporting her grandchild so a small consideration. was needed from her side. Radha enjoyed the consideration from her mother-in-law. because at other times she had ever been a coldhearted individual towards Radha. so she could make nil but accept and bask this impermanent period of consideration. Shripati knew that his female parent and his married woman did non acquire along really good. but he believed it could be changed. At least so it seemed. from his position.

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He besides comforted her by saying“ Don’t worry so much. Radha. I will come and see you whenever I can. You will be all right. ” When it was about clip. that Radha was to give birth to a kid there was no marks. for the birth to be go oning. So they said. that sometimes it takes longer when it is a male child for the birth to go on. They waited in hopes of the birth taking topographic point shortly. but when the nine months had passed and now the 10th month was traveling on. they had at this clip merely called an old lady. who knew a little more about this than they did themselves. When Shripati came home. he asked why his married woman had non been brought to see a physician in Songaon. They said that they had called the accoucheuse. which Shripati clearly was non pleased with. He felt like they had non done sufficiency for his married woman. who was delinquent. bloated and in hurting. So he took Radha to see a physician. whom so told Shripati that there was no babe in his wife’s tummy. There was no babe. but there was decidedly something in at that place. A large tumour was what was inside her tummy. A large tumour. which could hold been removed a long clip ago. which means all the hurting she had had could hold been prevented. if they had merely taken her to see a physician a long clip ago.

The tumour was so removed and they could come back place. but with no babe. Radha’s mother-in-law was non pleased with this and she wanted her boy. Shripati to get married another adult female. It was said that you should non make this to a matrimony. you should non destroy a matrimony like that. but the mother-in-law did non care. At this clip after holding been through what they have. Shripati started to travel against Radha merely like his female parent did. She felt entirely now. And so it happened as the mother-in-law wanted it to go on. and she got the dowery. which she besides seemed to be happy about. Radha now left her mother-in-law’s house and her hubby. because now he had a new married woman. She left to a vasti. which is a little community/village. Here she told everyone about what had happened to her and told every small item. which gave her the repute and name as a madwife.

One twenty-four hours she was speaking with some of the people from the little community. and they talked about Shripati and about inquiring him to come. Old ages subsequently. one twenty-four hours Shripati all of a sudden came to see her. They both started out courteously. but so it ended up in a treatment. when Radha asked how his female parent was and he lied. Shripati told that his female parent was right but Radha had heard the truth elsewhere. she knew that her former mother-in-law was non healthy and deceasing and that the new married woman of his was taking attention of her. Radha said that she did non envy his new married woman. non even a bantam spot. She would instead work out in the Fieldss. than take attention of his female parent. Shripati so got angry and asked if that was why Radha had asked him to come and see her.

Radha so got really baffled and knew that the conversation she had had some old ages ago. had made the work forces send a message for Shripati. Shripati was about to go forth. when Radha so said. that she had something to demo him. She called out the name Mahadya. and a little dirty male child came out. Shripati wanted to cognize whom this was and Radha answered“ He is my boy. ” Shripati asked if she had no shame and asked whose boy he was. She answered that he decidedly was non his. Radha ended the conversation between them by stating “When are you traveling to get married once more. Shripati? How many times will you get married before you find out that you will ne’er hold any kids? ” Shripati left and Radha could concentrate on herself and her boy and live a happier life than she had of all time lived.

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