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A Short Story About Lost People

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“Where am I?” thought Amber, trembling. Looking around, she saw a shaft high, high above her, letting in a little moonlight. She was alone in a huge cave. She was lost, lost as a duck on land. Her face was freezing cold and she felt hot tears running down her face. Suddenly, a shower of water fell through the shaft, drenching Amber and making her scream out loud. Her scream echoed on and on, long after she had stopped. Now Amber was cold, wet, tired and miserable and on top of that, she felt a draft coming on.

As she sat up, she touched her forehead and felt a jolt of pain go through it. There would be a bruise there later, suddenly she turned around Amber was sure that somebody had been there just a second ago. She looked at the rocks behind her in the dark they looked like evil faces from her past coming to haunt her.
Shivering, drenched and freezing cold she looked through the mysterious mist that surrounded her , she felt like a rabbit caught in the middle of a gang of hunters, she took a few steps forward and screamed a high piercing scream which echoed out in the night loud enough to wake the dead.

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A Short Story About Lost People
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Lauren, Amber’s best friend was lying on the floor, almost dead. A fountain of dark, red blood poured out of Lauren’s side. As she ran towards Lauren, a funeral drum was playing in her mind. Lauren stirred. Looking at Amber with a bloodshot eye, Lauren cried out “Beware, Beware!” Amber ran faster and when she reached Lauren, her heart was beating as fast as it had when she had run the marathon. She tried to calm Lauren down but she couldn’t and Lauren’s breath was fading fast. At the last moment, when all hope seemed to be lost, she whispered, “Don’t look at it…” and with that last breath, she died. Amber stayed next to her, with her hands in her head. “Why did you have to go?” Drying her tears, she ran around the cave, screaming for help. It was starting to sink in. Her best friend had died. Lauren’s terrible warning was still ringing.

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