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Lost – a Short Story

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When I walked past the shopping complex nearby my neighborhood, a incident come to my mind that happened when I was young. That was a Sunday morning, both of my parents were not working on that day, so my parent and I were out shopping in a shopping complex. The shopping complex was a large crowd as it was approaching the Chinese New Year, most of people were do new year shopping, we also doing the same thing. When we walk pass a computer games shop, I was attracted by the computer games in the shop.

There were so many interesting games and there can free try the game. I was offered to play the games. I did not notice that my parents were not around that time as I was totally absorbed in the games.

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Lost – a Short Story
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After a while, I was so tired of the games and I walk out the shop and realised that my parents had gone , I was lost.

I looked everywhere for my parents, but they were nowhere to be seen. I was to be afraid at the same time I stared to cry, I do not know what to do now, every time I come here my parents were beside me now they not around I did not know where am I now. At this moment, a security guard saw me crying and walk forward ask me why I cry. I tell him I was lost and he took me to the information counter.

When security guard took me to the information counter, I was overjoyed as I see my parents waiting anxiously beside the counter. Then I knew it my parents was finding me too, when they walk until a pet shop and wanted to tell me there was a hamster, but they realized I was missing, so they quickly walk to the computer shop and still cannot find me. They have to come to the information counter to find me. When they come to the information counter they saw me, they were so happy. My father go and thanks the security guard for finding me back and my mother wipe away my tear and give me a big hug. From that day on, I promise not to wander off again, I will stay with my parents.

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