A Critical Analysis of Good Will Hunting, a Movie Directed by Gus Van Sant

Good Will Hunting is about a guy named Will trying to figure out his future and whether to do what he is doing and staying where he is at or start fresh and find somewhere else to live and something else to do to make his life wonderful. But he never probably would have figured it out if it was not for some people that were by his side. Then also he finds his way through after all the punishment and counseling because it made him grow and become a better person. The first thing i noticed in this movie is there is some gaining self awareness one of them is a self defeating habit pattern of thought that comes from Will and that was he thought he would be fine if he does the same old things his whole life like smashing brick and living in the same old place and living a boring life. But also Skylar exhibits a self defeating habit pattern ,but hers is behavior because she acts like she has a good grown up behavior and shes ready for the future.

Will secondly exhibits a self defeating habit pattern of emotion because he has shown a lot of anger in the movie when he has these fights with people. His core beliefs are he thought he did not need help from much of anyone and he thought he did not need to change anything. But Skylar believes she needed to go to San Francisco to start her future and go on to bigger and better things. At the end of the movie Will realizes he needs to go see about a girl because he needs her and needs to change his life. Secondly, in the movie i saw adopting lifelong learning because of some of the characters One of the things Will masters in his life psychologically is math because he did it for himself. But he did not use his gift to find friends or to study in a competitive academic setting because he was not much for making friends in an academic setting plus Will did have some integrity because his past of him being abused.

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But the other characters did to but not as much as him. Also the professor did not really help Will because mostly he tried to manipulate Will to get him to do math as his job. But Will was not like that because he did math forjust a little hobby and not a job. But for the longest time in the movie the professor was not an admirable person at least that’s what Will thought at first but then he really saw what the professor was trying to do. Finally, the question was does Will Hunting have responsibilities to himself or to the society with his talent of math. But then the answer was to himself because he did it for his interest and not everyone else‘s interest. Also what kept Will from doing something academic was his past of being abused, his jail record and his not wealthy enough. Like Will people had some sort of mindset in life. The two people that had a fixed mindset were Chuckie and Skylar. Chuckie has a fixed mindset because he had his life all figured out to have a future.

Skylar also had a fixed mindset because she knows what she wants to do and that’s why she went to San Francisco, The growth mindset people are Sean and Gerald. Sean has a growth mindset because he can understand the growth mindset of Will because he went through the same thing, Then Gerald has a growth mindset because he kind of acted like a grouch but then accepted people for who they are. The movie Good Will Hunting ended up to have a very great ending. All because he decided what was best for him and the same with the other characters. So then they went their separate ways after Skylar and Will moved on. But it was all because of a girl and his friends that also moved on, So Will left a note in Sean‘s mailbox with Sean’s saying which is “i had to go see about a girl”.

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