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love in a Cornhusk

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Plot is need to understand better the story will and and answer the question needed in the storyTinang stopped before the Senora’s gate and adjusted the baby’s cap. The dogs that came to bark at the gate were strange dogs, big-mouthed animals with a sense of superiority. They stuck their heads through the hogfence, lolling their tongues and straining. Suddenly, from the gumamela row, a little black mongrel emerged and slithered through the fence with ease. It came to her, head down and body quivering.

“Bantay. Ay, Bantay!” she exclaimed as the little dog laid its paws upon her shirt to sniff the baby on her arm. The baby was afraid and cried. The big animals barked with displeasure.Tito, the young master, had seen her and was calling to his mother. “Ma, it’s Tinang. Ma, Ma, it’s Tinang.” He came running down to open the gate.“Aba, you are so tall now, Tito.”He smiled his girl’s smile as he stood by, warding the dogs off.

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love in a Cornhusk
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Tinang passed quickly up the veranda stairs lined with ferns and many-colored bougainville.

On landing, she paused to wipe her shoes carefully. About her, the Senora’s white and lavender butterfly orchids fluttered delicately in the sunshine. She noticed though that the purple waling-waling that had once been her task to shade from the hot sun with banana leaves and to water with mixture of charcoal and eggs and water was not in bloom.“Is no one covering the waling-waling now?” Tinang asked. “It will die.”“Oh, the maid will come to cover the orchids later.”The Senora called from inside. “Tinang, let me see your baby. Is it a boy?”“Yes, Ma,” Tito shouted from downstairs. “And the ears are huge!”“What do you expect,” replied his mother; “the father is a Bagobo. Even Tinang looks like a Bagobo now.”Tinang laughed and felt warmness for her former mistress and the boy Tito. She sat self-consciously…

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