Luke Edward Wright

Luke E - Luke Edward Wright introduction. Wright was a civil governor in February 1, 1904 – November 3. 1905. When Mr. Wright became civil government, he dwelt upon the need of industrial development and of transportation especially railroads and urged that encouragement and friendliness to be shown to those who desired to enter the islands for their legitimate development. He wrote in policy that should be one of “equal opportunities to all”. Mr Wright’s administration on the political side was less impressive. n February 6, 1905, by the act of the US congress, the “cooper act”, the designation of the chief executive in Philippines was change the name civil Governor to Governor-General. Mr. Wright was the first US governor-General in the Philippines. During Luke E. Wright’s administration, he focused on the importance of industrial development and transportation, mainly railroads in hopes that it encouraged friendliness and signs of legitimate development.

Also during his term, Manila was very much improved, he provided a great defense for our ports, which for centuries remained unprotected, and he also improved our water system and the dams of Marikina River. During Mr. Wright’s administration the commission passed a law known as Ley De Bandolerismo to give a chance to all rebels and bandits to surrender immediately. On August 22, 1904, he issued executive order withdraw from settlement, entry, sale or other deposition under the oublic land laws, all the public no. 5 declaring all the public land within the Island of culion as a reservation for the purpose of establishing a leper colony. The executive order state that “I hereby land within the island of Culion, Province of Paragua, and reserve the same for the purpose of the establishing a leper colony and a government stock-farm thereon. During his administration, the public rail policy was inaugurated in Bantayan Islands. under

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