Madness in Love in William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” Sample

There are many definitions for love. but there are besides many definitions for lunacy. Both words. when joined together. make an eternal possibility of emotions and actions one can bare to keep for the interest of another. Lunacy can be described as “senseless folly” . When a individual is in love with another. they tend to specify their feelings of passionate fondness for this other individual. Shakespeare’s construct was to affect some of his characters with this feeling. In Twelfth Night. lunacy is created by the misconception and misconstruing due to love. Chiefly. it is said that Love is one of the most important types of lunacy. It leads to causes like confusion and pandemonium in head. outlook. and behaviour. In the Twelfth Night. the Duke Orsino falls frantically in love with Olivia. Orsino describes his love towards Olivia deeper than he could conceive of. “So full of forms is fancy. that it entirely is high fantastical” .

Orsino loses his focal point on world as he says “For such as I am all true lovers are. Unstaid and skittish in all gestures else. salvage in the changeless image of the animal. that is beloved. ” ( P. 34 ) The lone thing that is existent for him at the minute is anything that has to make with his “beloved creature” . the beautiful Olivia. We besides see Olivia’s senseless acts come to play as she finds herself smitten after her first brush with Cesario: ”I do I cognize non what. and fright to happen. Mine oculus excessively great a adulator of my head. [ … ] What is decreed must be – and be this so! ” ( P. 24 ) Olivia finds herself unable to believe decently because she is so distrait and flustered by the attractive expressions of Cesario. Another reading could be that Olivia’s fondness has been taken and used up by Cesario due to the loss of her brother and she refuses to portion her love with anyone else. Later on in the drama Malvolio’s lunacy alterations from the province of being frantically in love and perpetrating brainsick Acts of the Apostless of devotedness to the province of being in lunacy or pandemonium because of the misinterpretation of the state of affairs. He thinks it was Olivia who wrote the trick note when it was truly Maria. Toby. and Andrew who tried to flim-flam him.

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They created a missive. pretense to be Olivia. stating Malvolio what will do her happy. The missive did non even province that it was Olivia. but because Malvolio was excited to derive her favour he jumped to the decision that it was her. Malvolio’s infatuation for Olivia was so great it clouded his ability to believe decently. “Daylight and title-holder discovers non more! ” . is Malvolio’s first remark as he finished reading. He was so despairing to delight Olivia and derive her love. he jumps directly to the decision that she wrote the missive for him. The small Acts of the Apostless of devotedness Maria mentioned in the missive were so absurd Malvolio was volitionally ready to carry through all of them: “I do non now fool myself. to allow imaginativeness tire me. for every ground excites to this. that my lady love me.

I will be unusual. stout. in xanthous stockings. and cross-gartered. even with the speed of seting on. ” ( P. 44 ) Malvolio enters into a province of lunacy and confusion because he feels no 1 else knows what he is speaking about. Whether lunacy was created due to moving unwisely because of an enamored feeling or moving with intense emotion over person you truly care about. all these state of affairss were because of love. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche. “there is ever some lunacy in love. But there is besides ever some ground in madness” . Shakespeare’s characters Orsino. Olivia. and Malvolio. all had a cause for their lunacy. and it was because of their love for person else. Sometimes it is a feeling that comes over you that you think is love but it doesn’t have to intend that it is at the same time true.

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