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Magic Mushrooms Research Paper

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  • Pages 3
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    Mushrooms contain psilocin which is hallucinogenic and produces a potent, moony craze. Mushrooms prevailing pharmacological consequence is to change perceptual experience, feelings and thought in the user. Psilocybin is found in about 75 different species of mushrooms from three different genera. Psychic effects can be obtained from doses between 10 and 60 mg. And by and large last for 5 to 6 hours. Both wild and cultivated mushrooms vary greatly in strength, so one strong works may hold every bit much psilocin as 10 hebdomad 1s. The chemical construction of psilocin is similar to that of LSD. Most mushrooms incorporating psilocin cause sickness and other physical symptoms before the mental effects take over.

    The mental effects include splanchnic esthesiss, alterations in sight, hearing, gustatory sensation, touch, and altered provinces of consciousness. There is normally less dissociation and terror that with LSD. Prolonged psychotic reactions are rare. However, the mental effects are non consistent and depend on the scene in which the drug is taken and the mentality of the user. Problems with shrooms come with mistaken reaping ( reaping toxicant assortments of mushrooms alternatively of the 1s incorporating psilocin ) . Some of these can do decease or lasting liver harm within hours of consumption.

    There are two tried ways to place mushrooms. The first is to gou out into the field with experient aggregators and larn each mushroom on an single footing until you are exhaustively familiar with its visual aspect and wonts. The 2nd is to acquire some books on mushroom identification and learn to identify mushrooms based on diagnostic features. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but the best course by far is to combine both. The features are universal in mushrooms, but typical gilled mushrooms possess a cap and usually a stalk. The fertile surface where spores are produced is often on the underside of the cap. It may consist of blade like, radiating gills, as in the grocery store mushrooms.

    The gills vary between species in their point of attachment to the stem and/or cap. Other fertile surface arrangements include pores and teeth. It is preferable to have a few specimens on hand to illustrate these, although pictures may suffice. The stem may be off-center or absent, especially in mushrooms growing on wood. The cap may be smooth, or may have attached particles as shown here. The annulus, when present, is the remnant of a partial veil that covers the gills of young mushrooms and breaks at maturity to form a ring on the stalk. In some groups, an additional, universal veil covers the entire mushroom and breaks to form a cup like volva at the base of the stripe.

    Like the cap, the stem may be smooth or roughened. Cap and stem shape may sometimes be used as identifying characteristics; this mushroom has a convex cap and s stem with a basal bulb. The different parts of a mushroom can have different textures. The stems of some species are crisp and break cleanly, whereas some have a fibrous stem. A mushroom s cap may be dry. The overall texture of a mushroom may be described as fleshy, woody, gelatinous, or rubbery, among other adjectives.

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