The magic of family meal

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Extended family, also known as a “Big family,” is a traditional family structure where multiple generations live together. This arrangement allows for the sharing of activities like meals, housework, child care, and celebrations. These shared experiences strengthen familial bonds when there is mutual understanding and forgiveness among family members. However, conflicts can occur due to selfishness within the extended family. Furthermore, different generations often have different perspectives and attitudes, making it challenging to satisfy everyone. Moreover, if the extended family lives in a small house, constant interaction among members can create a busy and stressful atmosphere.

A nuclear family, which includes one or two generations living together, promotes peace and provides individual space. The smaller size of a nuclear family allows for more opportunities to care for one another since there are fewer people available to provide assistance. While it may sometimes result in feelings of solitude, residing in a nuclear family should be regarded as an opportunity to recognize the importance of family and discover joy in treasuring every shared moment.

In my opinion, I prefer living in a nuclear family instead of an extended family.

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