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The magic of family meal

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Extended family is a traditional family structure, where has more than 2 generations living together, or we usually call it “Big family”. In an extended family, every member lives under a roof, so they share many things together: meals, housework, taking care children, holding parties or some anniversaries as well..etc… And definitely these things will make everyone closer and closer, if they understand each others, if they usually open their heart to forgive someone’s wrong, surely that family will be very very happy, peaceful; But you know, some people are so selfish, so that in an extended family some arguments can happen; More over, different generations in the extended family often have different thinking, different attitudes, so it is really difficult to please each others; In addition, If an extended family is in a small house, every member will often meet each others everyday, it will make the atmosphere in that house too stressful, busy…

Otherwise, A nuclear family is a modern family, where has just 1 or 2 generations living together, so that every member all has their own space to do something, it will be very peaceful.

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The magic of family meal
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More over in there, there are few people, so they will have more chances to take care each others because they can not let any others do that.

May be sometime, We feel lonely to live in a nuclear family, but I think that time is a meaningful time for us to realize, to understand the value of the family more and it will be happier and happier when we respect every minute to live with family.

All in all, Living in a nuclear family is better, so that I prefer nuclear family to extended family.

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