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Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sample



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    As illustrated in the article. “Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems. Inc. ( A ) ” . pull offing a planetary squad is an intricate undertaking that requires particular and specific accomplishments ( Neely & A ; Delong. 2009 ) . Greg James. the Global Manager. at Sun Microsystems is faced with many beds of jobs that have manifested with a crisis with HS Holdings. Greg uncovered more serious jobs as he traveled across the Earth to measure jobs with HS Holdings. This quandary is illustrated by his statement to Lawry. one of the Vice Presidents at Sun Microsystems. “the issues are more complex than I realized” ( Neely & A ; Delong. p. 4. 2009 ) . He has realized that there are complex interpersonal jobs that might hold been overlooked. which have impacted day-to-day operations and run intoing the end of the squad. Greg. as a leader of this complex squad. has to a immense undertaking in front of him as he needs to measure challenges and disfunctions of the squad. understand his function to decide the issue. and happen solutions to travel frontward.

    There are many challenges this planetary squad is confronting that are similar to many other practical planetary squads face. First challenge this planetary squad is confronting is inability to set up resonance and trust due to the nature of a practical squad. It is important for any squad to construct trust and relationship. but the “relationship function” of a practical squad “is even more critical than in traditional collocated teams” ( Hill. 2010. p. 248 ) . This chiefly happens because one of top challenges of a practical squad is the inability to read gestural cues ( Ebrahim et al. 2009 ) . Hill ( 2010 ) besides emphasizes the importance of practical squad leaders to “read all the personal and contextual niceties in a universe of electronic communications” ( Hill. 2010. p. 248 ) . Another challenge this squad may confront is pull offing struggles. particularly interpersonal relationships. Again. pull offing interpersonal struggles is hard with any squads. nevertheless. it can be even more hard when a leader is non physically available to decide it. There’s restriction to practical communicating when it comes to deciding interpersonal struggles ( Ebrahim et al. 2009 ) .

    It is besides disputing for members to show sentiments on practical squad than on conventional squads ( Hastings. 2010 ) as evidenced by some of the members experiencing unappreciated and unheard in Greg’s planetary squad. This squad is besides confronting some environmental challenges such as different clip zones. Equally much as Greg has tried to suit and be sensitive to different clip zones. he still came up with a meeting clip that left some members feelings dissatisfied and unappreciated. Local labour Torahs and different civilizations are besides other challenges this squad is confronting as the squad is made up of members from four different states. With these challenges supra. this planetary squad is confronting many disfunctions that surfaced during a crisis. Many research workers have studied the effectivity of organisational squads and found that effectual usage of a squad leads to great productiveness. better usage of resources. higher quality of services. more creativeness. and more effectual determination devising and job resolution ( Parker. 1990 as cited in Hill. 2010 ) .

    Harmonizing to the Characteristics of Team Excellence by Larson & A ; Lafasto ( 1989 ) . an effectual squad demands following features: clear and elevating ends. results-driven construction. competent squad members. incorporate committedness. collaborative clime. criterions of excellence. external support and acknowledgment. and principled leading ( as cited in Hill. 2010. p. 252 ) . Using these standards. Greg’s squad foremost lack collaborative clime and collegiality among the squad members. The failure of this team’s coaction is evident and revealed even more during a crisis. There were many blasted switching and assorted personal struggles became really seeable. There is. for illustration. perceived neglect by UAE squad. experiencing that they have non received equal face-to-face clip with Greg and about going a subgroup to the India office. They’ve been experiencing disconnected every bit good as experiencing uncomfortableness by squad members as their two directors. Nazr and Ashok. don’t get along. There’s an implicit in and perceived racism traveling on between the two squads every bit good.

    They were non able to concentrate on the job at manus and understand one another since the trust and regard were non established among members. Another disfunction this squad is confronting is deficiency of leading. It is no uncertainty that Greg is good established and valuable employee of Sun Microsystems. Inc. with many noteworthy achievements. However. he overlooked specific challenges of taking a practical planetary squad and the importance of his function as a leader. As Hill stresses. “it is indispensable to understand the function of leading within squads to guarantee squad success and to avoid squad failure” ( Hill. 2010. p. 242 ) . Effective leading is even more important with practical squads and demands “50 % more investment” ( Dyer. Dyer. & A ; Dyer. 2007. as cited in Hill. 2010. p. 248 ) . Greg failed to read all the “personal and contextual nuances” and possible struggles among his squad members ( Hill. 2010. p. 248 ) .

    He failed to understand possible significance of silence. misinterpretations. squad procedure. and overlooked marks that have finally led to discontentment and misinterpretations of his squad members. Greg formed his squad instead rapidly. composed of seven members from France. Inida. UAE. and US. James hired them based on their certificates and impressive sketchs. but he didn’t take clip to measure their civilizations or different personalities and how they would suit into his squad. He so merely applied the same Open Work Policy based on his experience at U. S. . non truly measuring for what his squad members might necessitate or prefer based on their cultural and environmental demands. Other noticeable disfunction of the squad is deficiency of incorporate committedness. This is a natural effect from non holding a collaborative clime. Larson & A ; LaFasto ( 1989 ) explain that squads do non go on overnight and demand to be “carefully designed and developed” that lead members to experience the “sense of integrity or identification” ( as cited in Hill. 2010. p. 254 ) .

    Greg’s squad is missing this sense of unity and belongingness. which led them to fault displacement when there was a crisis. Last. one of the major disfunctions this squad is confronting is deficiency of external support and acknowledgments. They are under the tremendous force per unit area to execute to last in an highly competitory market. nevertheless. the construction of the organisation is non set up to honor them or back up their demands. It may look like their Open Work policy and compensation are tempting and advancing independency and flexibleness. nevertheless. this does non use to all members of the squad. As the consequences of their Survey of Satisfaction with Open Work for Greg’s squad show. most members in Asia Pacific are non satisfied with this type of environment. Expectedly. consequences show most favourable response from members in U. S. and so from Europe and Middle East. Some members from other states besides feel that members in U. S. acquire higher compensation every bit good as being viewed as Greg’s favorites. These implicit in feelings of discontentedness and mistreatment can evidently impact the team’s coherence every bit good as effectivity.

    As stated above. understanding the function of leading is indispensable to guarantee team’s success. and this is even truer with practical squads ( Hill. 2010 ) . In order for Greg to turn his squad about and take them to success. he should follow Hill’s Team Model for Team Leadership ( Hill. 2010 ) . This theoretical account will assist Greg to be in the “driver’s place of squad effectiveness” and will assist him to efficaciously measure the team’s jobs and take necessary and specific stairss to decide these jobs ( Hill. 2010. p. 243 ) . Harmonizing to Hill’s Team Model. Greg will hold to closely measure the state of affairs and decides whether he continues to supervise the squad or take an action. However. this squad is already in crisis and therefore immediate action is needed by Greg. He needs to be flexible to run into the diverse demands of his squad members and ready to take an immediate action to alter the class of this squad. During this assessment phase. Greg needs to “construct accurate mental models” based on his team’s jobs by seeking information and understanding his team’s operation ( Hill. 2010. p. 244 ) .

    Harmonizing to Hill ( 2010 ) . the leader has the duty to direct and steer his squad to act and map in a manner that help the squad to accomplish its optimum effectivity. He can garner information and measure the team’s operation by obtaining feedback from his squad members. seeking aid and mentoring from others outside the squad. behavior studies. and measure his team’s results based on their ends. Once he has all the information. so he needs to make up one’s mind on whether he needs to step in to run into undertakings or relational demands. It is clear that Greg’s squad has many personal struggles and hence. latter intercession might be needed. However. he will besides needs to measure how these internal struggles have affected carry throughing team’s undertakings. It is evident that they had a hard clip work outing jobs and doing determinations. Hill states that undertaking and development maps are closely interconnected. as shown through this squad. Greg besides needs to make up one’s mind whether he needs to step in internally or externally.

    It may look like their struggles have occurred within the squad. but there are other environmental factors such as their work agenda and differential compensation that led squad members to experience discontented. Therefore. Greg may necessitate to recommend for his squad and speak with upper direction sing current working status particularly for some members in Asia and Middle East. To sum up. Greg’s first precedence is to concentrate and take an action on bettering internal relationships among his squad members. He should first garner his directors and decide misinterpretation and struggles to guarantee that they are all on the same page. This should be done face to face. sooner. He may even see holding this meeting on a consistent footing. even if it’s one time a twelvemonth. to construct up squad work and coherence. Once all the directors are on the same page. they can travel back and lead their squads more efficaciously and derive more committedness to the planetary team’s overall end. Greg so traveling frontward. demands to guarantee that he watchfully monitors the development of his squad. Once he has addressed team’s internal personal struggles. he needs to besides concentrate on internal undertakings.

    He needs to clear up and derive understanding on team’s end with his members and reconstitute his squad to back up consequences. He may hold to reorganise his squad members’ functions and how they can streamline the communicating better. He may hold to readapt his squad members’ agenda to avoid spreads in services and communicating. He should see holding a back-up individual for each point of contact for clients. preferred from different state. He will besides necessitate to turn to the job with waiting lines instantly and develop his squad members with accomplishments needed to reconstruct them. Externally. Greg will necessitate to supervise his organization’s environment more closely and find what actions need to be taken to better his team’s effectivity.

    He may hold to recommend for his squad members’ needs to his upper direction based on his their feedback. Greg should measure for “environmental indexs of team’s effectiveness” utilizing studies such as the Open Work Suitability Survey he has conducted. He may hold to implement different agendas based on each country’s clip zone and demands. He may besides hold to look into implementing one country’s labour jurisprudence. such as Gallic holiday jurisprudence. to all other members to be consistent. Greg may non be able to alter some of organisational policies. but his squad members need to see that their leader is invested in them and advocators for them.

    In the instance survey of “Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems. Inc. ” . Greg is faced with many complex issues that many planetary squads face: internal struggles. internal undertakings jobs. and external environmental jobs ( Neely & A ; Delong. 2009 ) . As any squads. a leader’s function is critical in set uping an effectual squad. but even more true with practical squads. The leader has to be excess attentive and remain in tuned with his members’ demands. His undertakings may look dashing. but it’s possible to accomplish effectual planetary squad if he is cognizant of these challenges and committed to supervise his squad for effectivity and intervene when necessary.


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