Managing change on a company Essay


The environment where contemporary business operates is very dynamic and characterized by uncertainties. The need for an organization to operate effectively as made them formulate strategies that are aimed at making them curve a niche over their rivals. In the airline industry the story remains the same. A cost reduction strategy, timely turnaround trip operation, and adequate satisfaction to clients are adopted as strategies to tackle challenges in the industry. The ability of an organization to adequately manage change in the industry goes a long way to determine how far it succeed and survive.

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Managing change on a company
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In order to evaluate the ability of an organization to survive and maintain better market share in the airline industry through change management Kuwait Airways is used as a case study in this research work. The significance of this study, thus, has it merit in giving academic evaluations to the dearth research work in the area of impact which change management brings to organization competition, especially has it pertains to the airline industry.

In order to complete a standard research work, the dissertation is developed in five chapters. In the introductory part in chapter one the limitation factors that stands as an hindrance to the successful completion of the research, such as the data collection instrument utilized, and the issue of respondents security were handled. An extensive review of literature in chapter two was conducted, and the Kirkpatrick model, which discusses management of organizational development, is adopted as the theoretical framework for the study. At the same time other management change developmental models were discussed.

An exploratory research design based on survey method is adopted for this study where questionnaire is utilized as the data collecting instrument.  Both the qualitative and quantitative approaches were utilized in analyzing the research data. A sample of 20 was used for analyzing the research study.

Among the findings of the research study, it shows that in the course of adopting a change management strategy in Kuwait Airlines, workers involvement are not sought after, this has lead to reduce the motivational level of the workforce in the organization. Furthermore, both internal influence and external changes has significantly impacted on the change management adopted by the organization. A historical behavioral reflection is a basis of  finding solution to problems for the management of Kuwait Airline rather than adopting a forward looking approach. This has hampered performance measurement and the reward system, thus, affecting the organization’s ability to successfully adapt to effective change management. The bureaucratic structure of the organization has slowed down decision making and effective response to foster innovative operation.


As a way forward, among the recommendations made for this study include:  The organization management need to create a working environment where workers are motivated and can develop mindset for innovating ideas for the advancement of the corporate existence through attainment of objectives and long term goals. Furthermore, the employees of the organization have a significant part to play in the adapting to management change, this will no only lead to the survival of the organization but ensure job security of which they directly stand to partake in the direct effect when things move the other way round. Reduction in bureaucratic bottleneck in the organization should be done away with through the stoppage of political appointment; rather appointment should be based on merit and professionalism.

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