Manipulative Letter to Iago – ‘Othello’

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The student is writing to Iago, addressing his plan to ruin Othello’s life and questioning if it’s worth the risk. The student shares a personal story of jealousy and the consequences that followed, using it as an example of what may happen to Iago. They urge Iago to consider the innocent people who would be affected by his actions and to reassess his priorities. The student believes that Iago is too intelligent and skilled to waste his time on Othello and hopes he will make the right decision.

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Dear Iago,You are a very wise and educated man; I’m convinced you have a very cunning and well thought out plan for you to undertake over Othello. To ruin his life, his status, everything associated with him you want to destroy, but do you really want that to happen? Othello has ever so much faith and trust in you that I’m certain he has told you some of his deepest secrets, to turn against him, isn’t that risky? I understand you are aggravated at Othello as he promoted Michael Cassio as lieutenant perhaps due to nepotism, but trust me trying to then destroy his life is not a judicious decision.I have more in common with you than you think; I am a very cynic person.

I believe things happen for a reason; and that behind every action is a selfish motive. I was once in your situation, the woman I loved and always had a soft spot for had chosen the man that I greatly disliked. I always caught them together and could not stand it, I was incredibly jealous. One day the jealousy in my body could not stay inside for any longer, I was out to ruin that man’s life.

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The ending of it all was not so pretty, I had to pay for my mistake. The choice I made that day is probably still the biggest regret I have in life. The selfish motive I had behind that decision came with consequences that I had to pay for due to my large ego. Let my story be an example of what might happen to you if you decide to continue with this plan of yours.

Something I can guarantee is that it won’t end happily.Iago, do you really want to ruin everybody’s life? An innocent Desdemona who has not hurt you at all will be affected by this sin; she has not done anything to you so why destroy her life? I’m sure you care for her too dearly that you would not go to that extent and do that to her, think about someone else for a change. For all these years you have been mainly focusing on yourself, but I’m sure deep down you are very caring and kind person therefore you should hopefully feel and realise that what you are doing is wrong.Think about Michael Cassio; he has not done anything to you, it was not exactly Othello’s fault that you did not get promoted, things do happen for a reason, so maybe you provoked this situation upon yourself? I’m sure you didn’t as you are a very intelligent man and you would have used your sense in this kind of situation however when a fresh pair of eyes look at a situation they point things out that you may not necessarily have noticed.

Trust me Iago; Othello is not worth your time. You are way too clever for him and he does not suspect a thing. However is destroying Othello’s life really worth your time? I’m sure you have better things to do than follow around Othello; you are way more intelligent than him so why waste your life on a worthless person? At the end of the day I’m sure you are clever enough to make the correct decisionI hope you realise what you are doing and make the correct decision

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