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In William Shakespeares play, appealed to the peoples logic and Antony spoke to theemotions of the people. Antony is very smart and uses hisbrain frequently during the play and Brutus is very naiveabout many of things. Brutus was very honorable andAntony was very persuasive. Brutus was very honorable inthe way that he always told people the truth. Antony waspersuasive in the way that he used people to get whatever hewanted. For example, Antony used Lepidus to seek revengeon all of the conspirators to take the blame for their deaths.

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In the speech at Caesars funeral Brutus spoke to thepeoples logical mind and Antony spoke to the emotions ofthe people. Brutus speech was very short and to the pointand spoke to the logic of the people in the crowd. Forexample, Brutus spoke in a detached way about Caesarsdeath while Antony spoke to the emotions of the crowd bycrying and talking about all the good things that Caesar didfor Rome. Antonys intelligence was very apparentthroughout the play and Brutus appeared to be naive aboutmany things.

Antony is smart in the way that he manipulatespeople to his own advantage. For example, Antony wasmanipulative in his emotional approach to persuade peopleto become outraged at Brutus. Brutus appears to be naivethroughout the whole play because he believed everyonewas as honorable as he. Brutus did not question what hewas told, assuming it was always true. In conclusion, inWilliam Shakespeares play, Julius Caesar, there is a majordifference between the two characters, Brutus and MarkAntony. The strongest contrast between the two charactersappears to be their ability and inability to be both honorableand persuasive. Words/ Pages : 265 / 24

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