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Ms Ponnoraliza says that Marrybrown is Malayan home-grown eating house concatenation. Founded in 1981. they have more than 350 mercantile establishments functioning fried poulet. Burgers. finger nutrient. sweets and drinks. Marrybrown has extended the bill of fare that includes seafood. rice based tproducts. noodles and porridge and they besides offer a celebrated local Malayan dish: Nasi Lemak ( offered as “Nasi Marrybrown” ) . The restaurant’s one of the biggest advantage is offering halal nutrient. to rule halal based states. and forestalling weak direct competition with some larger fast nutrient ironss.

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In the 1980s Marrybrown became the first fast nutrient concatenation to franchise in Malaysia ( Marry Brown ) . Marrybrown is the largest home-grown speedy service eating house concatenation with a planetary range of over 400 mercantile establishments in Asia. Middle East. and Africa. Marrybrown is a planetary nutrient service organisation and a world-wide trade name. Currently. Marrybrown is in different states such as Dubai. India. China. Indonesia. Sri Lanka. Saudi Arabia. Kuwait. Kingdom of Bahrain. Syria. Republic of Tanzania. Qatar. Azerbaijan. Malaysia and Maldives ( Marry Brown. 2012 ) .

Harmonizing to Marrybrown’s functionary web site Marrybrown is a victor of legion awards. Malayan International Home-grown Franchise of The Year. Malaysia Franchise of The Year. First Malayan fast nutrient franchise. Most Promising Franchise of The Year. innovator member of the Malaysia franchise association and The Brandlaureate SMEs best trade names Award 1007- Food and Beverage. fast nutrient. As Marrybrown does supply franchise. the Numberss of franchisees has presently increased upto 82. Marrybrown has great chances for both domestic and international markets. The construct of Marrybrown is to be concern of the hereafter. fast turning market. wider range to the clients. high trade name callback. hard currency concern. lower investing and better returns and serve the nutrient to the clients at gasoline pumps. main roads. and big railroad Stationss.


Marrybrown is a well-known as fast nutrient eating house internationally where they draw in clients by remaining on the aims like heightening their place in the home-developed market and constructing their trade name and in the interim dressed ore on the high quality of nutrient helping by clients good. Marrybrown’s chief mark is to better their repute amongst Malaysian’s clients. and to be recognized on what the eating house is offering to pull more customers’ attending.

On the other side. Marrybrown’s missions ( 2007 ) are to accomplish a better criterion in client services. and increase gross revenues and net incomes of the company. Harmonizing to the official web site of Marrybrown. their success is based on the high quality of nutrients. fast service and great value for money. Their merchandises are prepared based on Malaysia’s Halal demands. Harmonizing to Ms Ponnorlize ( 2014 ) they provide fresh nutrient in order to fulfill customers’ demands and do them bask with Marrybrown’s merchandises.

Furthermore. the eating house likewise gives a brilliant. fashionable and fresh expression that supplements the life style of today’s clients. This system attracts the attending of a certain group of clients such as childs and adolescents. Marrybrown is an illustration of get the better ofing hardship based on extraordinary savoring expressions that are alone and truly Malaysian. They work on attacks to do nutrient. services. and establishment operations better to convey the highest criterions of value. Secured in 1981. they have over 400 mercantile establishments internationally. Marrybrown has expanded the bill of fare that offers alien local delectations such as seafood. noodles. rice based merchandises and porridge.

Nasi Lemak is one of the celebrated local Malay rice dish. based on the bill of fare it is called as Nasi Marrybrown. Nowadays. Marrybrown offers a broad pick of unique. advanced merchandises that focused on fast-food loving clients. Still. lily-livered presents the basic of the bill of fare. including the signature Lucky Plate. Chicken Porridge. Nasi Marrybrown. Furthermore. Marrybrown Sdn Bhd has turned into the first international company that opens an mercantile establishment in Myanmar. In three old ages Marrybrown has besides targeted to put up 15 mercantile establishments in Southern Thailand. while this twelvemonth from June until December it aims to open 15 new mercantile establishments in Malaysia. For now. there are more than 400 Marrybrown mercantile establishments in Malaysia. China. Indonesia. India. Sri Lanka. Maldives. Tanzania. the United Arab Emirates.

ABOUT THE CompanySWOT Analysis

Malayan based fast nutrient concatenation started back in 1980s. Marrybrown is the nation’s largest fast nutrient concatenation with 400 mercantile establishments in 11. One-half of its mercantile establishments are in Malaysia and others in abroad. It is the lone fast nutrient concatenation that satisfies halal nutrient clients ( Marrybrown. com. my. 2012 ) .

Marrybrown serves the nutrient at low-cost monetary value and is the first Malayan fast nutrient franchise in the state. Marrybrown’s nucleus values are high quality nutrient. fast service. clean environment and great value for money. Marrybrown is spread outing internationally to go a planetary fast nutrient industry. Soon it will open in Syria. Azerbaijan and Iran. Marrybrown has been awarded Malaysia International Home grown Franchise of The Year in the old ages of 1998. 1999. 2000. 2001 and assuring franchiser award in India.


  • High quality nutrien
  • Halal nutrientdegree
  • Unique fast nutrient concept-Marrybrown carries a unique construct which brings about a merriment and exciting eat-out experience.vitamin
  • Adaptability to the market.


  • Niche mark market
  • Intense competition
  • Competitors quality of merchandises and services


  • Turning market
  • Improve the substructure for the society around it.
  • Job chances for more.


  • Competition
  • Consumers looking for better trade.


  • To do a successful selling program. foremost have to be after the aims of selling program. Followings are the aims of Marrybrown’s selling program on the new merchandise Nasi MarryBrown ( Nasi Lemak ) .
  • To do the traditional formula as well-known and perforate into international market.
  • To increase gross revenues by 50 % in upcoming 6 months.
  • To increase trade name consciousness among aiming clients.
  • To cover the whole mark market.To increase the figure of new clients.
  • To increase the visibleness and memorability of trade name individuality.
  • To make value and do a difference

Selling Scheme

Planing the selling schemes is the most of import for a company in presenting the new merchandises. To perforate the new merchandise into market. it is critical to be after the selling schemes. There are 4 types of selling tools in a selling program ; which is called 4 Ps. In order to present Marry Brown’s new merchandise Nasi MarryBrown ( Nasi Lemak ) . the company make up one’s mind to use 4 Ps to lend into a selling mix.

Pricing Scheme

Pricing scheme is the pursuit of sorting the ideal monetary value for a merchandise. Pricing scheme in marketing combines with other rules which are known as merchandise scheme. topographic point scheme and publicity scheme so that a new set of merchandise can perforate into market in a short period of clip and construct customers’ satisfaction. Marrybrown decided to utilize three types of pricing scheme to present our new merchandise: Nasi MarryBrown ( Nasi Lemak ) . We decided to use price reduction pricing. skim pricing and market perforating pricing systems. Marrybrown applies price reduction pricing in order to increase traffic and pulling new clients.

This discounted pricing magnets attending to the merchandise and can be used as a gimmick to convey in clients who will perchance obtaining other points. We use the skim pricing system to happen the ideal monetary value point for our merchandise. which is alone point with unknown consumer demand. Our end is to maximise possible net incomes layer by bed until the ideal monetary value is reached. The contraption of market penetrating program is to derive market portion early for Marry Brown. The debut of Nasi MarryBrown to the market is provided at low terminal monetary values in hopes to derive the attending. trueness. and market portion of the client base.


The merchandise offering. the bosom of an organization’s selling plan. is normally the get downing point in making a selling mix. As a fast nutrient eating house Marrybrown offers assortment of fast nutrients and other type of nutrient which are uncommon for fast nutrient eating houses. The merchandises are non much different from its rivals like McDonald’s and KFC in Malaysia. particularly merchandises are much similar to KFC. The merchandises offered are Burgers. sweets. soft drinks. rice. poulet and sea nutrient based bill of fare.

As it is mentioned above that Marrybrown operates its eating houses ironss in largely Asia. hence Marrybrown’s new Nasi Marrybrown is segmented more for Asiatic clients. This is one of the grounds what makes Marrybrown stand out from its rivals. Particularly. following its motto: “Something different” which offers offers our new introduced merchandise. despite that Marrybrown fast nutrient eating houses. besides offers different bill of fare which are non common for fast nutrient eating houses.

The “Something different” bill of fare are rice and noodle merchandises. and specifically include the new introduced dish: Nasi MarryBrown. The ground for offering Nasi Marrybrown is because it is one of the local front-runners and attracts Asians since the eating houses concatenation chiefly operate in Asia. ( Yuvaraj S. 2011 )

. Zazali M. ( 2012 ) studies that Chan. the eating house concatenation proprietor. says they had to be different. so alternatively of offering merely fried poulet and Burgers they besides offer locals’ chief diches such as Nasi Goreng. Nasi Lemak ( Nasi MarryBrown ) and Chicken and Satay. She continued claiming that their rivals from US started copying their concern faculty. Furthermore. Marry Brown’s the advantages on its merchandises over its rivals offering merely halal nutrient in Muslim states would assist the freshly presenting merchandise to go marketable as they are halal nutrient.


One of the of import portion of selling is distribution or topographic point some may state. Without it marketing would be about impossible. Topographic point or distribution. schemes are concerned with doing merchandises available when and where clients want them. Would you instead purchase a Chinese gooseberry fruit at the 24- hr food market shop within walking distance or fly to Australia to pick your ain?

We have conducted an interview with an mercantile establishment operator of Marrybrown viz. Ms Ponnorliza ( 2014 ) . Harmonizing to her. Marrybrown has tough clip with distribution. Its mercantile establishments are non placed in much topographic points needed. which means non many clients are accessible to Marrybrown eating houses. As she mentioned that one of its rivals. McDonalds. is placed about every 5 kilometers while Marrybrown is difficult to happen.

The image above besides proves that Marrybrown is non popular in many parts of Malaysia compared to its close rivals which are easy accessible. However. doing Marrybrown more popular would be clip and more money. Therefore. we came out with the thought that Marrybrown should offer place bringing. Marrybrown does non offer place bringing service now. this is its 1 of downsides of it. Home bringing to near locations is good pick to clients who find inconvenient to travel to nighest Marrybrown eating houses.

Normally. eating houses accept orders via having calls from clients for bringing services. While Marrybrown should offer on-line sale which can be used by clients who have a little more clip. On-line order is more convenient than telling by naming. because clients can easy take which merchandise to offer from on-line bill of fare and they will hold limitless clip to take every bit good.


As we most of us know that publicity includes advertisement. public dealingss. gross revenues publicity. and personal merchandising. Promotion’s function in the selling mix is to convey about reciprocally hearty exchanges with mark markets by informing. educating. persuading. and reminding them of the benefits of an organisation or a merchandise. Ms Ponnorliza ( 2014 ) says in the interview that Marrybrown does non make much about advertisement on Televisions or any other topographic points. However. publicizing new merchandise ( Nasi Marrybrown ) to a great extent can assist to pull attending to them.

Since many people watch TVs. commercials on Television would be one of the best picks. Marrybrown should put more commercials on Television about Nasi Marrybrown in order to pull more clients. Commercial timing is besides of import. hence Marrybrown should see it excessively. Puting its commercial about the new merchandise before every repast clip is the best pick. since people are experiencing hungry and they need to eat.

In today’s twenty-four hours. as it is information century people use cyberspace. it is besides a good chance to put web advertizement of the new merchandise on most used web sites. particularly. societal webs like Facebook. YouTube. Tweeter. Instagram and so on. This method helps Nasi Marrybrown to go more noticed.

Road streamers are besides an effectual manner of advertisement. Marrybrown should non bury about this excessively. puting its streamers on the roads where traffic jam is more frequent is a good pick. Because when people are stuck in traffic jams there is more opportunity that they are paying attending to the advertizements. Particularly. traffic jam where occur when people are coming back from their word. due to the fact that most people are hungry when they are coming back from work.

Furthermore. Ms Ponnorliza ( 2014 ) said that they visit and conduct different activities in different topographic points in order to advance their merchandises. This method is besides utile and effectual in publicity scheme. Additionally. stating about your about the merchandise door to door is besides one of effectual ways of advancing. It can be done by get offing people’s letter boxs. mails which may include bill of fares of the eating house and images of the new promoted merchandise.


Harmonizing to our new selling program for Marrybrown merchandise. we are be aftering to do it successful our program within six months following by our aim. In our selling program. we are be aftering to use our 4Ps selling schemes decently so that our merchandise can be selling good and increasing gross revenues 50 % in upcoming 6 months. Nowadays Marrybrown is utilizing franchise system and unfastened subdivisions in other states. So that we hope our selling program is traveling good non merely in local market but besides perforating the international market. In decision. we hope our new merchandise Nasi Marrybrown to be a best-selling merchandise of Marrybrown in whole Malaya and even internationally with suited monetary value.

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