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Marketing Research proposal Unit name: Marketing Research Tutor: Binh Quang Truong, BA(hons), MSc. Assessment: 30% Type of work: Group work (team of 5 students) Requirements: Each team is required to carry out a small marketing research which focuses on a product or service. Students may choose a product they like (free of choice). Aspects to be considered are also free of choice. Eg. Who should customers be? What are their needs? How they feel about products?

What they like or do not like? What they would want from a new product/service? Then each group must submit a research proposal and a key finding report Research proposal should have the following sections: ? Executive summary ? Research purposes and objectives ? Research design ? Time & cost estimates ? Appendixes Key finding report should have the following sections: ? Data collection & analysis ? What are the results/findings ? Conclusion Marking: 2 parts 1.


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Presentation: Each group should present their proposal (from week 8-week11) in front of the class about the proposal ( what products/services are you looking at? What are your research purposes and objectives? Research design? Sample design? What kind of data is being collected? Why etc.? ) 2. Reports: students are required to submit: 1) a research proposal & 2) a key finding report Notes: Do not run into unnecessary troubles in the reports with complicated ideas.

Have a closer look at the “sample proposal” and “sample marketing research report” so that you have a clear understanding what a proposal and a marketing research report should look like. Please note that I do not expect anything large with complicated statistical tests. Remember that statistics is not our aims and objectives. For sure, only professional research agent can carry out such statistical tests properly. As students you are not required to put that into your proposal.

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