Research Proposal for Employees’ Training Essay

Research Proposal for Employees’ Training


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Research Proposal for Employees’ Training
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            Employees need training in handling new technologies, especially because most organizational processes are already done through networks and through computer applications. Sadly, however, there are employees who are not well-versed with such computer applications. It is necessary therefore for them to undergo training in handling technology and computer applications. This will be in preparation to rolling out the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System, which can coordinate all the crucial operations of the organization.

            The main problem of this research proposal concerns equipping employees with the technical skills and know-how in operating computer applications that are crucial to the operations of the organization. This way, their hesitation and difficulties will be addressed and they will become more efficient and effective in performing their tasks and their outputs.

            The objectives of this training would be:

1.    Identity the barriers to effective learning of technical skills and knowledge among the employees of the organization.

2.    Equip the employees with technical know-how and expertise in operating computer applications related to various processes and procedures in the organization.

3.    Eliminate the barrier to learning such as fear of technologies and other hesitations.

4.    Enable employees to become more efficient and effective in performing their tasks through the help of computer applications and platforms.

To prepare for the training proper, a focused group interview will be conducted among the employees to make sure that the training needs identified by the Human Resource Department are adequate and that they correspond to the actual needs of the employees and of the whole organization.

In addition to this, since the organization is dealing with the implementation and improvement of its computer facilities, then it would be wise to understand the different areas of the organization that will be solved by these computer applications.

            Prior to the training proper, a checklist of skills and knowledge related to work and to the computer applications of employees will be undertaken. This will provide a benchmark for the training. After the training proper, the survey instrument will be filled out by the employees again to determine if they have indeed make significant progress in learning the computer programs and applications.

            Further validation will also be done on the job so as to determine if the employees need further help through the use of coaching and mentoring. Coaching and mentoring can help the employees apply the knowledge and the skills they learned from the formal training sessions to the on-the-job problems and processes.

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