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marketing strategies Essay

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Main Competitors- Casa Molina, Mesquite Wood Grilled, Creative Catering. There are three main strengths that our competitors have over Catering Creations. The first one is that these catering business have been around for a while. The second advantage they have over us is that they have experienced in running the business and the third reason will be that our competitors have a comfortable amount of capital to work with and they have already established set routines in financing. We feel that the threat created by these three catering businesses can be easily overcome through good service, great selection, and affordable prices.

Following is an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of each of our competitors.

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1.) Casa Molina strengths: Casa Molina has been in business for over 50 years. They have five locations of casa molina’s and two other molinitos which means that there business is increasing and gives their customer easier access to their locations. Another advantage is that as a family business all the locations carry the same cooking recepies.

They have built a business relationship with their suppliers for years. Their reputation is well-know for its delicious Mexican food at affordable prices.

Casa Molina Weaknesses: They specialized only on Mexican food. They don’t offer a full service (they only do deliveries.) They don’t offer fresh food, they prepare their food days in advance. They use lard (pork fat) for most of their recipes which is high in fat, is a saturated fat, and has a high amount of cholesterol.

2.) Mesquite Wood Grilled strengths: Mesquite wood grilled restaurant and catering service have been in business for a while. They are known by the high quality and delicious taste of its steaks, chicken and ribs. They have off street parking and that makes it easier for their customers because of the large parking area they have available. They have a relaxed cozy atmosphere with expanded lounge area offering indoor as well as outdoor patio dining.

Mesquite Wood Grilled Weaknesses: They are only open Monday through Friday 4 PM to 7 PM. Even though they are known for its delicious steak house many people dont go there often because they don’t offer any vegetables, fruit or desserts and their prices are extremely high. Another disadvantage is that since they only open their restaurant for three hours, most of the times people have to wait outside for a minimum of 20 to 40 minutes. And their reservation service has to be made within 6 hours in advance.

3.) Creative Catering Strengths: Creative Catering offers a complete catering service. They also They also do free consultations. They operate planning to presentation. They offer a variety of custom food and customs party platters. Their cost of food and services are low comparing other catering business. Creative Catering main strengths are that they have fresh healthy food with no additives or MSG.

Creative Catering Weaknesses: Some of the disadvantages of Creative Catering is that by being a new business, their reputation is not build up yet. Their advertising is poor (they only advertise their service through business cards and the yellow pages.) Their location is not a well known traffic area and is hard for customers to find their business. They only work with large organizations (they will not work with a prospective customer that is only entertaining less than 25 people.) Even though one of the main advantages of Creative Catering is their free consultation or free estimates, they only provide this in their place of business. Their dessert variety is also another factor for their disadvantage because they only offer 5 different types of dessert for their entire menu.

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