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The 17th century was an epoch of beautiful poesy. Two poets in peculiar, Andrew Marvell and John Donne, wrote carpe diem poesy full of graphic imagination and metaphysical amour propres. Each conveyed the message of life for the now. This message can be clearly seen in the verse form To his Coy Mistress by Marvell and Donne s Flea. By utilizing cagey metaphors and metre, the verse forms non merely are symbolic, but have about a physical facet to them. Though both verse forms take a similar attack, it is Marvell that writes the more persuasive one, making deep into the psyche to win his object of fondness.

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The chief subject of Marvell s verse form is to prehend the twenty-four hours. The talker is seeking to convert the adult female that it is much better to hold sex now than to salvage her virginity for the hereafter. The adult male wants to see the pleasance now, while the adult female would instead salvage herself until they are married. Marvell s message here seems to be that we shouldn t be worrying so much about precisely when and where to make things, but merely to take things as they come and enjoy them. This subject relates to all facets of life, non merely sex.

The rhyme strategy follows a standard AA, BB, CC, etc. , pair form. A few of the lines are irregular nevertheless. Lines 23 and 24 rimes lie with infinity, and lines 27 and 28 rimes try with virginity. It is interesting to non that lie rimes with attempt, merely as infinity rimes with virginity. Marvell used this technique to alter up the systemic flow of the remainder of the verse form. By foregrounding these two pairs, the symbolism of those lines strikes the reader with greater impact than the remainder of the verse form. Images of comeuppances of huge infinity and virginity together transfuse the thought that it will be difficult to

prolong virginity, and it would be better to give in now.

The verse form is largely written in iambic tetrameter, and flows quietly and easy, much like a nursery rime. All the lines do non conform to the same format, nevertheless. While most lines contain eight syllables, some have more. Line 27 utilizations nine syllables, as does line 38. The shift of the metre keeps the reader on border, and ne’er lets the verse form faux pas into a humdrum rhythm. Not merely does this technique maintain the reader on its toes, but besides symbolizes the self-generated idea of the storyteller, who lives really fancifully.

Marvell uses spondaic metre every bit good as iambic. Shall sound, the last two words of line 26, are both stressed. Rough Strife, the last words of line 43, are besides both stressed. The usage of spondee helps to exchange up the pacing of the verse form and besides fits the context of the lines. Lines 39-41 trade with


Rather at one time our clip devour,

Than pine away in his slow-chapped power.

Let us turn over all our strength and all

These lines really produce the consequence of decelerating clip down. Pine away in his slow-chapped power axial rotations off of the lingua and takes attempt to state. When spoken out-loud, the line reads about as if it were in slow gesture. Line 41 is about wholly composed of stressed pess, necessitating the reader to talk easy every bit good. All of this rushing up and decelerating down creates a roller coaster of beat, demoing off more of the ad-lib manner with which the storyteller exhibits.

The linguistic communication and metaphors utilizations in the verse form scope from the obvious to the

hidden. Line 8 reads I would love you ten old ages before the inundation, most likely

meaning that he will love her through midst and thin. The inundation most likely has a

spiritual intension, though it is unknown which inundation he is mentioning to. Other utilizations of simile can be seen in line 38, in which he compares himself and the adult female to amative birds of quarry. This impression is intended to seek to convert the adult female to listen to her more motiveless side, and submit to her desires. Marvell on occasion utilizes personification, continuing to speak of the storyteller s vegetable love. While it is non wholly clear what Marvell meant by this, it can be interpreted as a love that grows easy and profoundly, merely as a veggie would.

To his Coy Mistress is similar in many ways to Donne s Flea. The talkers of both verse forms are seeking to kip with a adult female by converting them that it is the right thing to make. Donne uses the metaphysical amour propre of a flea to typify the love shared between them. By comparing the blood brotherhood in the flea to sexual intercourse, the storyteller illustrates that it is non such a large trade. When the adult female kills the flea, she kills the bond between them. But the storyteller corsets determined, and returns to demo how undistinguished sex is, merely as it was so to kill the flea.

Donne besides uses iambic tetrameter in the AA, BB, CC, etc. , signifier. The verse form is shorter than To his Coy Mistress, and does non incorporate the as many originative utilizations of enunciation and rhyme strategy. The amour propre of the flea is a more originative attack to the topic than merely saying the instance, but the thought is more far-fetched, and runs about to the point of irritation. Though fantastic as poesy, in footings of strength, it fails when compared to the fluency of Marvell s talker. With such clever rime, usage of metaphors, and graphic imagination, To his Coy Mistress exemplifies one adult male s natural desire and passion, and refusal to be denied.

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