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? To His Coy Mistress?

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Andrew Marvell wrote his short verse form? To His Coy

Mistress? in a certain manner to have the reply that he

wanted out of his kept woman. Marvell uses metre, imagination,

and tone to carry his lady to farther commit in their

relationship. This verse form has a really strong carpe diem, or

prehend the twenty-four hours, subject which is conveyed throughout the verse form.

In general, the metre of the verse form is iambic tetrameter.

Marvell uses intermissions every bit good as tallies one line into the following

without a intermission to interrupt up the neat form that the rime

strategy of the verse form imposes. The first two lines, for

illustration, contain internal intermissions that break the tetrameter

into shorter units ; ? Had we but universe sufficiency, and clip,

This demureness, lady, were no crime. ? The 3rd line contains

no intermissions and runs straight into the Forth, so that the

rime runs opposite the beat of the pair.

Near the terminal

of the verse form, the lines seem to be coming out faster than at

the beginning, making a sense of urgency from the talker.

These last few lines are the lines in which the talker

negotiations about how the two should prehend the twenty-four hours, and unrecorded life

to the fullest.

The usage of imagination throughout the verse form is an effectual

agencies of conveying his message to the lady. His mentions

to the Great Flood and the transition of the Jews are both

illustrations of scriptural imagination. His ageless love towards the

lady is backed up by the eternity of the Bible. The

mentions of the grave are possibly the greatest images of

all, the images of decease. Nothing depicts the urgency and

shortness of life better than decease. Images that are

implied in the last stanza are those of a race against clip.


end is to seek to crush clip, and though clip will

finally win, the? smugglers? must seek to maintain up with clip

for every bit long as possible. And because no manner exists to crush

clip, Marvell suggests that they must populate life to the


Marvell? s first-class usage of tone helps to turn out his

statement with his kept woman. In the first subdivision, the verse form

takes a loving, romantic tone. ? We would sit down, and

think which manner to walk, and go through our long love? s twenty-four hours. ?

Marvell? s romantic manner of composing aid to turn out his

argument that he loves his kept woman more than anything in the

universe. The tone undergoes a drastic alteration in the 2nd

stanza. ? I ever hear clip? s winged chariot speed

near. ? This quotation mark from the verse form describes how Marvell frights

the shortness of life, and the deficiency of clip with which the

two lovers have to portion together. His deathlike tone is

effectual because of the inevitableness of decease in

everybody? s life. The last subdivision is a call to action,

? therefore, though we can non do out Sun base still, yet we

will do him run. ? Lines like these make a tone of an

pressing demand to acquire every bit much done as possible, which is really

similar to the carpe diem subject.

Marvell? s verse form, written about 500 old ages ago, is still

a great, slightly controversial verse form. The content of the

verse form is dateless, and is still a really realistic verse form. The

carpe diem subject of the verse form is one of the grounds that the

verse form remains appropriate no affair when it is read.


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