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An Evaluation on Working at McDonalds

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After reading this essay by Amitai Etzioni, I could see why he is promoting teenagers to pay more attention to their academics and education rather working at fast food restaurants like McDonalds. He provides many studies done to prove his thesis clearly. One of the few studies is a 1984 study by Ivan Charper and Bryan Shore Fraser which says that teenagers do not pay attention to what skills they develop because they only care about finishing their working hours and earning money.

Another study by A. V.

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An Evaluation on Working at McDonalds
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Harrell and P. W. Wirtz in 1980 which said “ among those students who worked at least 25 hours per week while in school, their unemployment rate four years later was half of that of seniors who did not work”( Axelrod and Cooper 281). Etzioni argued that many of the students who worked part time were end up unemployed or they were had a low skilled job. Etzioni provides appropriate support for his essay by using statistics data like “58 percent of seniors acknowledged that their jobs interferes with their school work” (Axelrod and Cooper 282).

These studies do provide a strong argument but these studies do not show or tell about the circumstances that force certain teenagers to work at fast food restaurants. In this essay, I will evaluate the logic of Etzioni’s argument. While his logic is appropriate and convincing, his arguments also have missing points. There are many circumstances that force certain teenagers to work at fast food restaurants. There are many reasons to it like to gain “experience” that many job require filling out on their form, family financial situation, and not able to find any other job.

I think the idea that many places do not hire because of no experience in a particular field such as a cashier (for most teenagers) is just unreasonable. All I am saying is that companies like Wal-Mart, BJ’s, Best Buy, or Shaws should hire teenagers who apply there so that they can gain enough “experience” and work steady hours because of the availability of workers. But what happens often is that they do not hire teenagers because of not enough “experience.

” Many of them move from city to city or from different states and work at fast food restaurants because they cannot find other work because of no “experience”. Knowing certain people around me I could say that teenagers are often forced to work at this kind of jobs because of their family’s financial problems. Teenagers are forced to work at places like this because they feel responsible for helping their family settle at a different place.

Responsibilities for families are the only thing that matters to teenagers. The person who is put into these kings of situation can only understand how it feels seeing their family struggle financially or only eating once a day and when put into these situation; the statistics doesn’t means anything to them other than being a false numbers not showing the true reason behind working. These kinds of jobs make it easy for teenagers to work and earn money to support their family.

Also I don’t think that it is fare for Etzioni to generalize about teenagers that “youngsters live free at home because after all they are high school kids and are left with substantial sum of money. ” I think it would be beneficiary if we look at the bright positive side and say that there are teens out there who use part of their income to contribute to paying bills for their house, buy groceries or even clothes, utensils, and accessories that they need for high school.

Also it is easy for teenagers to work at places like McDonald’s because those are the places where they can easily get hired without any prior “experience” and then gain build up experience to go on and work at places like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Shaws, and many more. I have to say that I do agree with the overall theme of the essay which is that teenagers often undermine the importance of education while working at these types of places. But it also depends on what environment employees work in, their understanding of future, and also their ability of recognizing their future.

Etzioni does say that the school and the work place where a student works at should reach at an agreement about the hours allowed to work but I think it is like saying that I know the Pythagorean theorem but I do not know how to start a bank account or take out a student loan because the school does not interfere in those kind of things. Contrasting that what I would like to see is that teens should be allowed to work at fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s.

The places like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Shaws should hire teens more so that start off with a low post and work their way up to posts like manager. Doing those types of jobs also make them learn the hard work and sincerity. It takes to gain respect and high post compared to just keep on making burger as Etzioni says it. Working at places like Best Buy or Wal-Mart allows them to achieve posts like Sales Associate, Sales manager, or Store Manager compares to rather being a shift manager.

According to Etzioni, “In an informal survey published in the most recent Walt Whitman yearbook, 58 percent of the seniors acknowledged that their jobs interfere with their school work” (Axelrod and Cooper 282). The reason behind this situation is because of the parents not paying attention towards their child’s work ethic, refusing to buy them what they want (affordable things), and behaving bad in front of their child provoking them to take their own path of making and earning money and also their main priority as being a teenagers. It is also depends on the friend circle the teens hangs around with.

Sometimes what ultimately matters is a high social status amongst friends and when parents refuse to buy their kids the latest iPhone or a car then they are forced to thinking that they will need to work in order to earn money and buy the things they want. Briefly, Etzioni’s argument has both strengths and weaknesses. The support he provides is appropriate, believable and consistent. The major weakness is incompleteness; he fails to anticipate more fully the likely objections of a wide range of readers. In conclusion, I agree with Mr. Etzioni’s essay in some ways and disagree in other ways.

Teenagers need to be involved with school and working fast food jobs gets in the way of that. A fast food job teaches useful skills as well as how to manage time. Workers will often times gain a disadvantaged status from working during school, but if they can keep up their grades it can help them in finding new jobs or getting into schools. And finally, having a job can help teenagers learn good money habits through their mistakes. Works cited Axelrod, Rise B. , Charles R. Cooper. The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. 9th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010. Print.

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