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McDonalds & obesity

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Q1) How should McDonalds respond when ads promoting healthy lifestyles featuring Ronald McDonald are equated with Joe camel and cigarette ads? Should McDonalds eliminate Ronald McDonald in its ads?

A1) in my opinion, changing the character Ronald or eliminating it is not the answer, the answer is for McDonalds to emphasis that cigarettes are always harmful, in contrast McDs menu has a variety of healthy options, so the comparison is wrong because it is of totally different types. Mac can/should target its Ronald to do more advertisements for healthy food and nutrition, they can also label their food with the amount of fat, cholesterol, sugar, and other nutritional values; another suggestion is to encourage kids to eat healthier foods by adding toys to healthy foods only.

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McDonalds & obesity
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Q2) discuss the merits of the law proposed by France that would require fast-food companies either to add a health message to commercials or pay 1.5% tax on their ad budget, propose a strategy and defend your recommendation.

A2) I think this strategy gave the food marketers the freedom to choose between paying or advertising about healthy foods, in my opinion I think the best strategy is to focus on adding healthy messages, as we all know how French people really care about their health, it will no cause anxiety and the best strategy is to focus on product differentiation such as: whole wheat bread, grilled chicken, corn made bread…etc.

Q3) If there is no evidence that obesity rates fall in those countries that ban food advertising to children, why bother?

A3) according to scenarios if there is no evidence for proving that obesity rates fall in those countries that ban foods ads to children, still should concentrate on foods ads, whether obesity rates fall or not. There is no decrease in the percentage of obese children in developing countries but there is no indication of an increase. The number of obese children stays the same because of addiction by the existing percentage of children but government has strong evidence on main reason for obesity is harmful food items, so this reason is sufficient for the prohibition of food ads to children. The obesity rate cannot rapidly fall, it will take some time because parents’ lifestyle should modify as well as children’s’ eating style should also change. Less traditional food and having less physical work in developed countries, especially in Scandinavian countries where there is less working hours. The children’s’ obesity becomes a very big problem worldwide.

Q4) the broad issue facing McDonalds in the UK is the current attitude towars rising obesity. The company seems to have tried many different approaches to deal with the problem, but the problem persists. List all the problems facings McDonalds & critique its various approaches to solving the problem.

A4) Problems:
Some say that the fast food portion sizes are partly to blame. Some people say advertising is to blame, especially ads aimed at children Solution:  ad campaigns aimed at kids featuring Ronald McDonald and animated vegetable and fruit animations. McDonalds corp. later issued a statement claiming that many nutritionists believe they their meals can fit into a balanced diet. Using positive lifestyle messages in ads.

McDonalds changed menu with items such as porridge, smoothies and chicken wraps is on reason for the growing business

Q5) Develop a long term plan and a short term plan for McDonalds.

A5) long term plan is for Mc to enhance its perceived picture in the minds of people and show them the “healthier side of mc” For the short term plan: healthy ads, new and different healthier products that include more fiber and less cholesterol, participating in more socially responsible activities like recycled food sacks, 10% of revenues to fund cancer research… etc.

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